Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha turns blue.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying mother I will first eat the bhog that the people of vrindavan prepared, then I will eat what you made as well, only then my stomach will be filled. Radha comes with all people as they bring the bhog. Kanha says what are you doing here radha? Radha says kanha we all brought you all types of foods and sweets. Kanha says how did you know radha? Radha says kanha, you are my gore, I know everything that you want. All people come one by one, and feed kanha what they made. Kanha eats malpua, laddoo, butters, food and other various types of foods and sweets.
Kanha then says everyone, I am very thankful that you all gave me food, my stomach is filled now. As kanha feels sleepy, he says now I am going to sleep as I feel sleepy. Yashoda says kanha you never

sleep so early? Kanha says mother, I want to sleep. Kanha goes in his room. Yashoda says to nand, kanha never sleeps so early, he sleeps only when all the people of vrindavan have slept. Nand says he must be tired yashoda, let him sleep.
There kansa says to keshi, celebrate keshi, what no one could do, you did it. Now vishnu’s avatar is dead, that kanha is finally dead! Kansa laughs and says now I shall live forever. Asti listens and thinks this cannot happen, kanha was our hope, he cannot die. Kansa says did you say something asti? Asti says no bhagwan, I am so happy. Kansa says so happy that you cannot express right? Asti says yes. Kansa says go decorate the palace. Asti goes. Kansa says with kutnag, even kanha is dead.
There kanha sees his body, it is turning blue. Kanha says what is happening? This must be the reason of taking kaal kuth poison in my body, that is why I have turned blue now, I may soon die as my body completely turns blue. Kanha has tears and says today I shall die anytime, I have to go from here. Kanha goes to his friends who are sleeping in their houses and says friends, you were always with me in everything and in all my plans, I am so lucky I have such friends in my life. Kanha then starts going out of vrindavan as he is falling asleep and fainting. Kanha says mother and father, no one could have such parents who love their child so much. Kanha goes and sits near a pond on a huge rock. Kanha’s entire body turns blue. Mahadev appears and says prabhu, you saved the world by taking in the kaal kuth poison. all the gods appear with narad muni and brahma dev. brahma dev says mahadev, paramavatar took the poison inside his body by trusting in you, you have to do something and save him, think of something mahadev. Mahadev smiles and says yes brahma dev, paramavatar Krishna has done a great thing today, I know how this poison can be soothed in his body, the milk of mata kamdhenu has to be poured over kanha. Mahadev says on the shiv ling, kamdhenu’s milk is poured and that is why the kaal kuth poison doesn’t affect me, the milk of kamdhenu acts like amrit itself.
All gods and mahadev take kamdhenu’s milk and start pouring over kanha. As the milk flows over kanha’s body, it sooths the body from pain and the effect of poison. Soon kanha’s body turns back normal from the blue and kanha gets up fresh. Kanha says mahadev, you saved me today, I am thankful for that and to all gods too. mahadev says paramavatar shri Krishna, you have honored me, you have truly shown your leela today. Kanha smiles and says now allow me to go, my mother must be worried for me. Kanha goes. Everyone is happy.
Pralapt goes to kansa and says bhagwan, kanha was never in the body of kutnag. Kansa laughs and laughs and says are you joking with me? You want to die like janur? Pralapt says no bhagwan, I am your servant, I am saying the truth, kanha was not alive or dead in the body of kutnag. Kansa says which means he got burned by the poison of kaal kuth? That is so awesome! Kansa says now go and tell the people of vrindavan that they did not get to cremate kanha, so we have the ashes of kutnag, tell them to come here and do funeral of kanha as his ashes are mixed in kutnag’s. keshi comes and says no kansa, kanha never died. This is the ash of kutnag, kanha was never killed. Kansa is shocked.

Precap: kansa summons all the evil in the universe to destroy vrindavan and kill kanha. The rishi’s in vrindavan are stopped as their yagya’s fail as evil falls upon them and attacks them. Kanha promises the rishi’s to protect them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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