Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna disturbs shishupal

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rukmini is talking within herself in her room privately sitting in front of Krishna expressing her feelings & love for him deeply.

Shishupal comes in her room hearing & seeing about Rukmini talking in front of statue of Krishna expressing her love to him & shishupal says that I have come so long from my place to marry you & you are praising Krishna who can’t even come here for you. Rukmini asks him how you came in my room without my permission so he replies that I am going to become son-in-law of this place & also your husband so I do not have to ask anybody where I have to go. Rukmini tells him but my permission is still not granted for this marriage with you & if at all I get married then only with my Krishna who is my heart & soul as my marriage with you is not at all possible. Shishupal gets angry & tells her that you do not know who is shishupal as I have the powers to destroy Krishna & you love this statue of Krishna so see how I destroy this statue in pieces so your love for him will also get destroyed. Shishupal trying to break krishna’s statue while Rukmini comes running to stop shishupal but a bright light power immerges & stops him & both are in confusion how is this happening then Krishna comes in front of him saying this is not power but this is my promise given to your mother & my grandmother.  Krishna is telling him you are booned only of hundred crimes & not more than that. He is replying I know that as I haven’t done any crime but Krishna explains him that to hurt somebody’s feelings is also a crime hence Rukmini has loved me & also kept faith in me so you have done lot of crimes which should not lead to end of your crimes then after that I only will kill you which you must be informed beforehand & Krishna vanishes. Shishupal disappears. Rukmini was under shock of Krishna immerging & suddenly she also gets relived & shouts “no Krishna”.  She is thinking what had happened here & where this evil shishupal disappeared then mohini comes & tells her maybe he must have reminded something so come lets go for your formalities says mohni to Rukmini & they go together.

Rukmini’s make-up is done by her sister in law & all other friends of her. Mohini is also applying mehndi on her hands & she is dedicating it to Krishna.

Shishupal is thinking in his room what Krishna told him about his crimes & mohini comes telling him problem is definitely there maharaj so he asks how you here & what problem you are talking about so she tells him your face is showing all the expressions so he gets angry saying you are just a mere make-up artist & to not to cross your limits & leaving you now due to celebrations are round so better leave. Mohini takes his leave but tells while going that Krishna has given boon of hundred crimes to you & only hundred? So he asks mohini how you came to know this? So mohini tells him how can nobody knows about you then he advises her to mind your own business & leave from here. Mohini tells him I wished to tell only about Rukmini so he asks what then she tells him that Rukmini loves Krishna so if you treat Rukmini badly then your crime will keep on increasing & if it crosses the limit of hundred crimes you are definitely will be killed by Krishna then he gets wild on mohini & tells her to stop talking so she replies this is problem to think know? So he tells her to not to utter any single word on this now & tells her to leave. Mohini tells shishupal that only one thing I wish to bring to your notice as is it rukvir’s game plan behind this as he knows that Rukmini loves Krishna so has to think about it. Then shishupal goes in deep thoughts may be this mohini is uttering truth & need to think if really it is rukvir behind this & he shouts loudly “ Rukvir” to search him.

Krishna says within himself that listening to others against towards his friend then his end is ultimate.

Rukvir’s wife is showing rukvir all those wealth items ready for rukmini in their room & suddenly shishupal comes shouting & throwing the wealth plates saying to stop all this fake friendship. Rukvir is telling him how can I betray you as I itself is marrying my sister with you so he says this marriage itself is a game plan by you against me so that you can end me. How you are talking this way asks rukvir then he replies after my marriage with Rukmini who will be most benefited that is you as you will capture my ruling world too for your benefit. Rukvir is shouting I guess you are under alcoholism as you should know I have big powers in my weapons then Shishupal tells him if this is not a game plan then tell me that once I get married with Rukmini I complete my hundred crimes so rukvir asks how your hundred crimes get completed after marriage because she loves Krishna & this can complete all my hundred crimes & this is your plan tells rukvir. Rukvir is consistently trying to convince shishupal that this plan is not mine but your scary nature is disturbing you & shishupal tells him that I am cancelling this marriage & returning back. They both are arguing on decision of marriage to happen or no. Rukvir is trying to stop shishupal.

Krishna is happy saying this is the nature of human being who takes decision without thinking.

Shishupal wildly goes & destroys all celebration arrangements saying to stop this all & to lets go back to our place. Rukvir is stopping shishupal that he can’t do this so he asks who will stop me then rukvir tells him your promise which you had given that you will marry Rukmini then he says I don’t trust in promises & if life is saved then marriage will keep on happening then rukvir gets angry saying I do not know about Krishna but if today you do not marry my sister then I may kill you so shishupal gets angry & pushes rukvir. Rukvir gets angry & fight begins between them but suddenly shishupal’s brother pondrik comes to stop them saying this fight between you both is created by none other than Krishna as he is here in this palace. Shishupal asks where you have seen him now tell me as this cannot happen. Rukvir tells friend pondrik you are just predicting & nothing else. Don’t take me jokingly & pondrik is trying to convince them that Krishna has come here which I can smell. Shishupal is saying smell can’t predict of Krishna here as you are making fool of us. But pondrik says I will definitely prove you then you will understand I am the avatar of Narayan.

Arjun asks Krishna that your devotees feel you are there that I can understand but pondrik was your enemy so how can he feel you were there then Krishna tells him that if it is enemy of friend I live in everybody & pondrik had all rights to feel me so Arjun asks what are you saying then Krishna replies the truth as he had acquired me fully in my form of duplicity by getting into all my behavioral activities too. Pondrik was my be my enemy but he had earned me so he had to feel me.

Rukmini is sitting in her room happily & all her friends come happily to decorate her more. They are talking with Rukmini very happily. Rukmini tries to wash her hands which were decorated but all decoration washes out & Rukmini falls in trouble thinking what is this blaming shingarika for wrongly decorated. They all go to call shingarika but Rukmini stops them saying that the decorative line has appeared in separate way which shows an conused vision & rukmini feels of shingarika no other than my Krishna himself & becomes very happy about this. All friends are surprised. Rukmini is saying he is near me which I am feeling.


Precap: Rukmini asks krishna’s statue that she is not understanding what kind of image you have made this on my hands? This is Devi mata girja’s image it means I will get the answer in girja temple & she goes to girja temple with pooja plate in her hands. Krishna comes saying I have come Rukmini & they both face each other.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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