Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi sandeepani turns to stone.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa inside the palace as he tells his soldiers to take him captive. kansa is captive and he acts sad and says I am a prisoner bhagwan pondrik, I have done so many sins till now and for that I ask punishment. Bhadraksh says what are you doing bhagwan? Kansa says bhadraksh I am the most evil demon in this universe and I have killed so many innocent people, I killed 6 children of my sister devki, I am so bad and should be punished and you will punish me bhadraksh.
Narad muni says prabhu what is kansa doing? Lord Vishnu says kansa made this plan so that he wont have to use the kaal dand on pondrik, he wants to use it on kanha that is why he is asking for punishment.
There kansa says to bhadraksh, beat me bhadraksh, punish me with that whip. Bhadraksh

has tears and says how can a servant beat his own swami? I cannot do that bhagwan, please. Kansa says beat me bhadraksh now. bhadraksh says no bhagwan my hands wont obey, please bhagwan I cannot do it. kansa says think of taking revenge from me, that time when I killed you, take revenge of that and beat me now bhadraksh. Bhadraksh says bhagwan you made me a ghost again, I cannot beat you. kansa screams at bhadraksh and bhadraksh picks the whip and beats kansa and says bhagwan what are you making me do? Pondrik sees. Kansa says beat me more and punish me, I regret doing my mistakes. Bhadraksh beats kansa more and more as kansa gets hurt. Kansa then thinks whatever it is, even if the sun doesn’t set ever, I wont use the kaal dand on this pondrik, I have to keep it for kanha. Bhadraksh beats kansa again and kansa says is that enough bhagwan pondrik? Pondrik says kansa, you regret and have guilt of what you have done and also asked for forgiveness, to uplift your sins just help your own people and make them happy, you are their king! You don’t need punishment now. bhadraksh comes and says I will release you bhagwan, he frees kansa. Kansa then says you are so kind prabhu, please come and sit for food with us. Pondrik smiles. Kansa thinks once let the sun set pondrik, then I will show you who the real god is.
There rishi sandeepani says I have to step out of this ashram, for years I was confined inside and I waited for my prabhu to come, now he has come and I cannot wait more. Some rishi’s say please rishi sandeepani, you have been cursed and if you step out you will turn to stone. Rishi sandeepani says I don’t care now, I will meet my prabhu. Rishi sandeepani steps out and sits on one knee and does pranam to kanha. He immediately turns to stone. Kanha smiles.
Kanha then thinks, rishi why did you do this? Rishi sandeepani thinks prabhu, for so many years I waited for you, but I was a fool to wait as I feared the curse, I should have stepped out long before but I stepped out now, maybe my bhakti was less for you that you did not give me darshan. Rishi says but today I am grateful that I got your darshan and even if I stay like a stone forever I wont mind as my prabhu, you are with me now and have come to me. Kanha thinks rishi I came late, your bhakti has always impressed me, you are my true disciple.
There as pondrik eats food kansa please eat more my prabhu. Suddenly the sun starts setting and bhadraksh says bhagwan see there, the sun has set, this pondrik is no more a god. Kansa looks at pondrik. Suddenly pondrik turns back from god to human and his clothes change. Pondrik is shocked as he sees himself and is scared as he looks at kansa. Kansa looks at him and smiles and says what now pondrik? Kansa gets angry and picks pondrik and says now you will know I am the god you stupid boy. Kansa throws pondrik on the ground as he gets hurt.

Precap: kansa says pondrik you will die now, what happned? You are no god now? There kanha tells rishi sandeepani that can sudhama be his student. Rishi says I will be honored to make sudhama my student.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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