Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhumralochan attacks on barsana.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha and all people in barsana praying and doing the aarti of mata laxmi for Navratri and her first form shailputri. As everyone pray and sing a song, there kansa in the form of mhaishasura leads the demons. Dhumralochan says I will go and kill all of them with my poison and then I will kill that radha, the first form. Dhumralochan goes.
Kanha and Arjun are with rishi gandhiv and rishi gandhiv has tears and he cries, he says forgive me my prabhu! Nar and Narayana! Forgive me, I could not recognize you, you both did not disturb me from my meditation but actually you both have completed my years of praying by giving me your darshan. I have finally attained eternal happiness by your darshan. Kanha and Arjun smile. Kanha says this is what guru gargacharya sent

us to do, rishi you have recognized us. Rishi gandhiv does pranam and kanha says rishi gandhiv, I came here to bless you for what you have achieved. Kanha says the clothes that you have worn for years and your harsh prayers to nar-narayana form, the powers of nar and Narayana shall create a bow so powerful, that it would be wielded by only the greatest warrior archer ever and that powerful bow shall be named gandhiv! This place where you prayed for years shall turn into a prayer sthal after your name and the bow shall take its place, only a very powerful warrior can wield this bow. Rishi gandhiv says I thank you from all my heart prabhu, I just wanted your nar-narayana form darshan but you blessed me with so much more. Kanha smiles and he blesses rishi gandhiv. Kanha and Arjun go.
There kanha and Arjun go to rishi gargacharya’s ashram and rishi gargacharya says the gandhiv bow shall be used many years from now, till then it shall rest at the place where you named it after rishi gandhiv, kanha! Arjun says kanha, we should go now. kanha and Arjun take rishi gargacharya’s blessings and they go to barsana as rishi gargacharya says there is a new problem kanha and Arjun, kansa has transferred his soul into the body of mhaishasura and has led all demons to barsana, he is there to kill radha and you as well kanha. Kanha says but how did he do that? gargacharya says every year, evil arises during Navratri because mata laxmi has killed evil demons before and they arise from an evil power every Navratri to defeat mata, this time mata has to kill them forever! You have to play a role kanha. Kanha says I understand guru. Kanha and Arjun go.
Kansa says to the demons, don’t go separated! We should attack together, otherwise everyone will be killed one by one. The demons say no bhagwan, instead we will go one by one and kill each form of devi laxmi, this way we will defeat all of them! Kansa says okay, as you want, you can try and defeat that devi.
There dhumralochan goes to barsana and he says now I will kill everyone. Dhumralochan then uses his poisonous gas and blows in the village, all people fall down unconscious one by one. Radha keeps doing the aarti and praying. Dhumralochan then says I will kill everyone. Radha turns back and sees the demon, she says who are you? dhumralochan says you are alone left kid, I am dhumralochan. Radha says dhumralochan? Kanha and Arjun come. Kanha says shoot an arrow on that demon Arjun, don’t worry. Arjun goes to fight dhumralochan and attacks his arrows but dhumralochan destroys the arrows with his powers. Arjun then removes agni astra and lands a cut on dhumralochan’s body, dhumralochan throws away Arjun and Arjun faints. Kanha takes radha aside to safety.

Precap: Radha takes the form of mata shailputri. Kanha fights dhumraochan as radha comes with her trishul.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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