Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha prays to suryadev.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram talking about saving devi yog-maya. Kansa is riding with pralapt and janur on his horses. Balram says to kanha, everyone is planning to sleep tonight here and rest tonight. Kanha says what? We cannot let that happen, if everyone rests here tonight then devi yog-maya’s life will be in danger, kansa will reach there before us. Kanha hears the sound of horses riding. Kanha says did you hear that brother? Balram says what sound?
Kanha says listen properly. Balram closes his eyes and then listens, he hears the horses coming. Balram says kanha, some riders are coming. Kanha and balram hide behind a tree on the hill as kansa, pralapt and janur come riding on their horses. Kanha says see there brother, Kansa is coming. Balram says I will slow them down, we have to stop them. Kanha says yes. Balram throws a huge boulder down the hill. Ry Kansa sees the boulder and he destroys it with his powers. Balram gets angry and kicks another boulder down which comes rolling. Kansa destroys it too and says Vishnu, I know you want to stop me but I wont let you. Kansa rides faster. Kanha sits on a rock and thinks. Balram says kansa, today I will stop you at any cost.
There nand is at chitrakoot with all people. Yashoda comes and she says where is kanha? Nand says don’t worry yashoda, he must be playing around with radha. Yashoda says he hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Nand says kids are very active, they don’t think about food all time, let them play. Radha comes and says nand baba, kanha is not with me, he is with brother balram checking the road towards khatri mountain. Nand says why? Radha says kanha said that this place is not safe for the night, so he said they should travel now to khatri mountain and he is also checking the road towards the mountain. Yashoda says but nand ji, kanha said this place is not safe for the night, we shouldn’t stay here. Nand says we should think.
There kanha sits and thinks and then says suryadev your light reaches everywhere, please help me in stopping kansa. Kanha prays and says om suryadevay namah! As kanha prays, suryade starts increasing his sunlight reach on earth. Balram says kansa I will stop you today, balram starts uprooting a tree with all his might. There kansa, pralapt and janur ride on the horse. As the sun’s light increases, the heat increases and kansa looks up at the sun and thinks why is there so much heat suddenly?
Balram uses all his power and uproots the tree, he picks the tree and throws it down. the tree rolls and blocks the way. Kansa suddenly stops his horse, pralapt and janur say what happened bhagwan? Why did you stop? Kansa says aren’t you both feeling heat? Pralapt and janur say no we aren’t feeling hot, we are not even feeling thirsty.
Kanha prays and suryadev increases the heat even more. Kansa starts suffering from the intense heat and he gets down the horse. Kansa says Vishnu I know you are trying so hard to stop me but you are a coward, you wont face me yourself, but I am bhagwan kansa, no one can stop me, I promise I will reach yog maya and make this surya torture later.

Precap: kansa falls on the ground and he suffers from the heat. Kansa screams and says why are you doing this Vishnu?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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