Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalavati insults rishi kumars.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the rishi kumars coming on gau lok. Kirti in her past life is a goddess and she walks with her friends in gau lok as they are chatting and spending time. the rishi kumars see the women coming and stop kirti and her friends to ask about the way. Kirti says yes kumars what happened?

Rishi kumars say we have come to gau lok as we have come to choose the next most knowledgeable person in the universe, we need to know the way to the palace. Kirti and her friends laugh and say you are little kids, are you joking with us? go to your mothers and play at home with friends, why would someone ask you kids to choose the knowledgeable person.

Rishi kumars say this is no time to joke, please tell us the way as we don’t have time. We need to go for the event quickly now. kirti and her friends laugh and make fun of the rishi kumars calling them kids. The rishi kumars get angry and sankadik kumar says, devi you and your friends have insulted us rishi kumars and made fun of us, you laughed on us. I sankadik kumar curse you all that from the next life, you shall be born on earth as humans and live for all your lives as humans on earth and lose the divinity and worthiness to live in gau lok.

Kirti and her friends are sad and cry, they ask for forgiveness and say we didn’t realize whom we were speaking to and insulted you, we did a mistake please forgive us. the rishi kumars are angry. Narad muni appears and tells sankadik kumar that these devi are he disciples of lord Vishnu and cannot be casted out from gau lok so please give a solution from which kalavati and her sisters come back to gau lok. Sanath kumar says devrishi, in some time prabhu vishnu’s Krishna avatar will be born, then Kalavati will be the mother of laxmi’s avatar Radha but radha will be young when kalavati shall die and she will come back to gau lok. Kalavati thanks sankadik kumar.

Lord Vishnu tells laxmi, that is why it is important devi that Mata Kirti, radha’s mother must die as it will be beneficial for her, she will come back to gau lok and will be free of the curse. Laxmi says but prabhu, for a child taking away their mother is always the greatest and deepest sorrow and I wont let a daughter, radha and a mother kirti get separated. Lord Vishnu says devi, you cannot change destiny. Laxmi says I can try and stop the greatest sorrow from coming into radha’s heart. Laxmi goes. Narad muni is worried and says what now? lord Vishnu says devi laxmi is sad now, so she isn’t thinking that a child doesn’t learn everything by living under the cover of their parents, and if kirti doesn’t come to gau lok, radha wont be radha and kanha wont become Krishna. lord Vishnu says for the universe, kanha has to do this task. Kanha will give kirti salvation. Lord Vishnu says now kanha has 3 gurus, rishi gargacharya, rishi sandeepani and rishi durvasa. They will guide him through this task.

Gargacharya says to kanha, I have given you your life’s behavioral and character teachings, sandeepani says kanha I have given you the knowledge of all weaponry and combat and all the kala’s. durvasa says I have taken a test of your knowledge, patience and intelligence. Kanha says you all are my gurus, command me what should I do?

Gargacharya, sandeepani and durvasa all guide kanha and tell him kirti’s destiny, she has to go back to gau lok and the only one who can give her salvation is you, you have to do this for the sake of everyone, for radha, for your own avatar, for the end of kansa and for kirti for her to be free of the curse and get her destiny back.

Kanha understands and has to take a tough decision. He decided to send the varaha avatar to give kirti salvation and bring her to where her destiny wants her to be. Varaha avatar obeys the commands of kanha and goes to barsana, varaha avatar appears in front of kirti and goes to kill her to give her salvation and freedom. Kirti sees varaha avatar and does pranam. radha sees varaha avatar, varaha avatar runs towards kirti but radha stops prabhu varaha. Varaha goes back to kanha. Radha is shocked.

Precap: Laxmi tells radha the truth that kanha sent varaha avatar. radha confronts kanha and is shocked. kansa is happy.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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