Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Karkasura attacks kurma avatar.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi gargacharya coming. Rishi says kanha please don’t take the kurma avatar, I am telling you please prabhu don’t. kanha says if I don’t take the kurma avatar then the mandhrachal manthan wont be possible. Rishi says prabhu when you know what danger is coming then why are you still taking the kurma avatar? Rishi shows karkasura in Mathura. Kanha says guru I know karkasura is there and kansa has brough all this time for me to take my previous avatars, and now I have to take kurma avatar to save all people and let brother balram do the mandhrachal manthan. Kanha says I am purn avatar Krishna and I also remember the promise I had given to karkasura. Kanha takes the kurma avatar. Rishi and balram do pranam and kumr avatar goes in the river.
Mandhrachal gets deeper inside water and the water gets inside the mountain. The people say save us someone, we will drown here. Damodar says this time I don’t think we will be saved. Everyone is scared and they pick their children and say save us.
Balram says I know my prabhu, he wont do anything for a reason and he has given a blessing to karkasura that he could kill his kurma avatar but no avatar will die, this is my prabhu’s leela. Kurma avatar goes beneath mandhrachal, mandhrachal says you cannot hold my weight. Mandhrachal is then lifted by kurma avatar. Mandhrachal says how is this possible?
Shokracharya tells kansa that send karkasura now, it is the right time to kill kurma avatar. Kansa says karkasura go, go and kill that kurma avatar, it is your day to take revenge. Karkasura goes and jumps in the river.
There balram takes shesh naag form and he goes in the water and coils around the mountain and starts rotating it. Rishi gargacharya says today after seeing both your avatars, I am grateful! Rishi shokracharya comes on his flying demon and says guru gargacharya, now kurma avatar will die and even you cant do anything. Karkasura comes to the banks and jumps inside the river and he goes deeper inside to attack and kill kurma avatar. As the churning is done, people inside feel the churning and radha says it seems like prabhu has come for our help. Suddenly damodar and girdhan are pulled out of the mountain and sunrays fall inside it. People get scared. Damodar and girdhan reach vrindavan and are safe, they say our prabhu vishnu is protecting us. There more people are pulled out and even jaidev is pulled out. Radha says this doesn’t seem a threat, maybe our prabhu is protecting us.
Rishi gargacharya says until I am live, I wont let you succeed. Rishi gargacharya and shokracharya attack spells and shokracharya stops gargacharya by putting a spell and making a wall.
Karkasura goes underneath kurma avatar and says kurma, I will finally kill you today and get my revneg for what you did to me in my last life. karkasura attacks the stomach of kurma and it starts bleeding, karkasura keeps attacking as his stomach bleeds. The water of entire Yamuna river turns blood red. The blood keeps flowing and karkasura keeps attacking.
Kansa says see the water has turned red. Bhadraksh isn’t surprised and kansa says you fool, every time you are happy and over excited but what now? Bhadraksh says bhagwan last time, kalkey was killed so I am not reacting unless I see the body of kurma avatar. Kansa says you are a bigger fool than I thought bhadraksh, Vishnu had given a blessing to karkasura that he could kill his kurma avatar and Vishnu this time, you wont back from your promise.
Narad muni says what is happening prabhu? Lord Vishnu says I have given a blessing devrishi, and whatever it may be I have to uphold it.

Precap: karkasura hits kurma avatar such that he bleeds immensely. The manthan continues as all people are brought out. Yashoda tells kanha to wake up, gargacharya says now he wont ever wake up.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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