Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jwalasura attacks mahavan.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha and her friends making the red paste for sticking the boat with another layer. Radha says some paste is ready friends, we have to make more and strong paste so that nothing happens to our boat. Kanha comes and says radha, be quick don’t waste time, use the paste on yourself too. Kanha laughs. radha says I haven’t tested the paste, I will put it on the rock. Radha puts the paste on the rock, kanha sees and radha puts his hand on it and says I stuck it, now you stay stuck on this rock because you can do nothing just tease me. kanha says gopi, remove my hand help me.
Balram is with friends as they are in mahavan to take wood. Dhama says brother, if we got one ladoo more then we will have more strength. Balram laughs and says I understand, everyone

take one ladoo. Balram gives everyone one more ladoo and they eat and say now we shall do the work with all strength.
There kanha says gopi, come on don’t do this.
As balram and all friends are taking wood, suddenly they hear the sound of a flying demon. Balram says leave it, it must be a wild bird, lets go now.
Kanha there hears and says it is some demon radha, it looks like a fire breathing demon and he is headed towards mahavan, brother and all friends are there and if we don’t go then they will be in trouble. Radha says yes kanha. Radha helps kanha and removes his hand, she and kanha go towards mahavan.
In mahavan, jwalasura comes. Balram says that demon looks like a fire breathing demon, if we had time I would have fought that demon and killed it but we don’t have time we have to go friends take the sticks quickly and lets go. everyone is running when jwalasura starts burning mahavan and spreads the fire everywhere. Balram says we cannot go from there, it is all in fire we have to go from somewhere else. Balram and friends turn towards another direction, as they go they are slowly surrounded by fire everywhere.
In vrindavan, people come and say a demon has put fire in mahavan and our kids are there. Nand and yashoda are worried, nand says kanha, balram and everyone is there, take pots of water, wet mud to mahavan we have to save our children. Everyone go.
In mahavan, balram and his friends are trapped and surrounded by fire everywhere. The people come and start pouring water as they hear the cried of all children. Balram says everyone don’t worry, we have to keep some patience. The people try but some men say the fire is not extinguishing, what kind of fire is this?
Kanha says how do I save them?
Balram says now even I have left hopes friends, I am sorry I cannot do anything. Balram says friends lie down on ground because the smoke goes upwards and we will get oxygen downwards. Everyone lie down. Balram has tears and says I cannot save anyone, what do I do?
There kanha sits and says now Ganesh ji only you can help me. kanha starts praying to ganesh ji and says a prayer song. Ganesh ji is impressed and he says prabhu I will be lucky to help you, ganesh call mushak raj and says mushak ji please go and help prabhu kanha. Mushak says as you say prabhu. Mushak goes. Kanha says mushak ji, I need your help in saving the lives of my friends and brother balram. Mushak says I will do it now prabhu. Mushak ji digs a hole from the ground and goes underway to balram and friends. Kanha goes from there and he says brother take all friends and come on. Balram says how did you come here kanha? Kanha says we don’t have time to discuss that, lets go. everyone travel from the hole and come out from the other side. They go their parents. Yashoda hugs balram and kanha.

Precap: Indra dev comes to fight kalkey and to stop him, devraj uses Vajra astra. Kalkey uses his powers to bring floods.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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