Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Krishna explains rishi’s the knowledge of gita

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with krishna explaining rishi’s about how the test was put in front of devi anusuya.
Brahmadev is telling mahadev we have come to this devi but are we doing right so mahadev explains him this is time of her to prove herself as she has a very pure thought as woman in this world.
They come to devi anusuya & beg at her hut so she welcomes them & mahadev puts one point of only accepting food from that person who will be naked.
Krishna explains she was not at all scared & correctly resolved her solution.
Devi anusuya tells them I’ll accept you as my children’s & she prays mata to convert then in small children’s so that I can feed them like mother so they get converted into small child’s & she feeds them one by one as her son’s.
Dev rishi is surprised praising her that she made them her son’s which is greatest deed in this world.
She is praying gods to made her feel your mother & blessed me.
All devi‘s are pleading dev anusuya for forgiveness which we did this due to our ego so she tells them because of this I got three children’s which is very biggest gift for me. Brahmadev praises her saying you are purely devoted to your husband & we all gods are proud to see you in this great form while Narayan asks her what you wish so she tells him I wish a son who should have all three of your qualities & he blesses her.
All rishi’s pray Krishna for telling us the story of devi anysuya & he says because of this a great son was born so they also ask Krishna to teach us yog knowledge in simple words so he explains them how to do yog by pure heart by getting joint with god is called as yog & gets blessed by god & also Krishna explains them types of yog which can be done but with pure heart itself to get blessed by god. All feel glad hearing this knowledge from Krishna’s voice. Also Krishna is explaining them what is health & human life which is naturally developed & how he has to perform his duties to be blessed as he keeps on taking birth in various forms which is uncontrollable by anybody. All rishi’s promise Krishna that we will keep this knowledge very safe & spread across this world properly as you have taught us.
Krishna tells them my avatar of Krishna was not for only kansa’s killing but to spread good knowledge & help by doing efforts for those people who were waiting for me since so many years & later I killed evil kansa. Krishna explains after end of kansa too my work was not completed as my main goal was to develop goods deeds in this world that’s why I created religious place dwarka. I have killed lot of evils in this world that’s why now it is near for my completion. All rishi’s say we accept this avatar which is ultimate from all of your avatar’s for which we are witness of this. Whoever will learn your knowledge will be always blessed & Krishna takes leave from them saying time is of my mahaprasthan now & all pray him.

Precap: Krishna is resting on a tree & there is one megh while an archer is trying to shoot his arrow towards eyes of megh but megh moves & arrow hits legs of Krishna. Rukmini comes running to see what has happened while Krishna opens his eyes smilingly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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