Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shyam and sanjhi’s story is recited.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kirti saying I will tell you the story of shyam and sanjhi, the forms of lord Vishnu and mata laxmi. Radha says tell me mother. Kirti says shyam and sanjhi are related with the 9 days of Navratri and how it happened is very different as sanjhi had once become angry on shyam. Radha says the way I get angry on my kanha? Kirti says yes and continues.
In flashback, sanjhi is a friend and disciple of shyam and she prays to him everyday at the temple of lord Vishnu. All people in sanjhi’s kingdom think shyam is just a myth and he doesn’t exist, sanjhi being the daughter of a king and queen, her parents also think sanjhi is lying and fooling people. Sanjhi goes to the temple one night and is talking with shyam, she says shyam why don’t you come in front of

everyone? Everyone think I am a liar, please tell them I am not! Come in front of them too. Shyam says but sanjhi you are my friend, and the people don’t believe in me so they cannot see me, only you can see me. Sanjhi says but if you come in front of them, they will believe in you. shyam smiles and says no sanjhi, even if I come and talk to you in front of everyone even then they wont be able to see me. Sanjhi says then don’t talk to me, I wont talk to you unless you come in front of everyone. Sanjhi goes.
The next day, she comes and sees some men near the temple and then asks what happened? The men say sanjhi, all our flowers here are being stolen everyday and we don’t know who the thief is. Sanjhi says then didn’t you tell my father yet? The men say we told your father but we haven’t yet found the thief. Sanjhi says I will try and do something. Sanjhi goes.
The same night, sanjhi comes to the temple and she sees a prince with his chariot, seeing the flowers. The prince says these flowers are so beautiful, I shall have them with me. The prince takes the flowers and sanjhi comes and says you are caught red handed! You are stealing our flowers everyday. The prince says I am javendra, the son of indra dev, I came to take these flowers as they are not available in gandharva! Sanjhi says I will tell my father that you are the thief. Javendra says so you will stop me? You are just a stupid girl.
The next day in the palace, sanjhi tells her father javendra is the thief and he has been stealing the flowers from their temples that are being put for the gods. Javendra says don’t listen to your daughter king, she is a liar and anyway she has been lying about shyam! Shyam doesn’t even exist then who will believe this about her? Sanjhi says no father, shyam does exist and he is my friend, what if he comes in front of you all? Javendra says okay then king, if sanjhi is able to bring shyam in front of everyone then I will tell you who the thief and even if I am, I will surrender. Sanjhi says okay and says give me one chance, she then keeps lord vishnu’s statue and starts praying to it, she dances around the statue and says come shyam! Come! She sings a song and tries very hard and then thinks, shyam please come, me and my father’s respect is in your hands now shyam. Sanjhi keeps dancing and tries but shyam doesn’t come. The king gets up and stops sanjhi, sanjhi stops and has tears. Indra dev gets up and says maharaj, from next time check who the real culprit is, you blamed my son because of your daughter’s lies, indra dev and javendra go. the king scolds sanjhi and says because of you I was insulted and my self respect has gone in the entire universe now!
King says sanjhi, from now you are not my daughter, because of your lies our kingdom and I have been blamed. Sanjhi goes away in tears.

Precap: mhaishasura arises with his demons. Shyam and sanjhi meet together and shyam shows his existence to the people.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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