Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kansa meets gargacharya.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram saying, kanha it has been so many days that I haven’t seen vrindavan. Balram says I miss kaka and kaki and the laddoo and all food kaki made for me, I miss all friends and all people and damu kaka, how he used to forget everything! Kanha says don’t worry brother, after our education is over we will be back at vrindavan, till then we still have laddoo’s here too. Balram says you are right, I shall eat laddoos. Balram starts eating laddoo.
Bhadraksh goes to gargacharya’s ashram and stands outside. Gargacharya sees him and says why have you come here bhadraksh? What do you want? Bhadraksh says rishi var, how much time will you still keep praying to Vishnu, do aarti of bhagwan kansa too once at least. Rishi gargacharya says kansa is a demon, and for

him there shall be no aarti but soon he shall be killed, punished for his sins. Bhadraksh says actually bhagwan kansa wants to repent for whatever he has done till now and for all sins but maybe only you can show him the right way, so that he walks on the path of dharma. Bhadraksh says okay if you don’t want to come, I will go. Rishi stops bhadraksh and says tell kansa I will come tomorrow morning. Bhadraksh goes and smiles cunningly.
Kanha follows all his classmates as they seem to be hiding something. The kids run in the forest and unearth a hole, kanha watches hiding. The kids remove a pot and kanha notices as there are 50 gold coins in it. The students say we can buy all troubles coming our way. Kanha says how did they get so many gold coins? I have to ask them. Kanha goes to the kids and asks them what will they do with gold coins? The friends try to hide the truth and lie about coming to find a lion, they say if you find any gold coins tell us too. Kanha thinks what is the reason behind this lie? And where do they get so many gold coins from?
In vrindavan, all preparations for mahapeepal Pooja is done. Damodar says I have invited everyone for the Pooja, yashoda says very good now we shall do the Pooja only on Saturday.
Narad muni asks laxmi, the hatred between alaxmi and her? Why does alaxmi hate her? Laxmi tells the story that alaxmi came in this universe even before her, she is my elder sister and came before the samudra manthan, that is why she is also known as Jyeshta laxmi. Laxmi says I am totally the opposite of alaxmi, because the traits of alaxmi are hatred, poverty, fights and quarrels and jealousy. Laxmi says, alaxmi lives in a dark place and wherever she goes, she brings fights, quarrels, jealousy and hatred and poverty. Laxmi says when the time of marriage came, I and alaxmi stood in front of prabhu Vishnu as prabhu Vishnu chose me, alaxmi was angry that prabhu didn’t choose her. But then he gave a solution that alaxmi would live in peepal tree for 6 days of the week and I would live for one day, only on a Saturday and whoever prayed to me on a Saturday would invite me in their homes but on other days if peepal Pooja was done then alaxmi would be invited. Hence, alaxmi took this in anger and she swore to take revenge on me one day.
Gargacharya goes to kansa, kansa takes his blessings. Gargacharya says don’t show so much respect, I know you don’t mean it. Kansa says guru, I just want to repent for all the sins I have done till now, please forgive me! Please tell me the path to dharma, tell me how can I repent? Gargacharya says, I cannot help you kansa because you wont follow the path I tell you. Kansa stops rishi gargacharya.
Kanha wakes up balram and tells him about the students having so many gold coins. Kanha tells they have to find out, thus they follow their fellow mates and come to the gates of a kingdom, where some people stand as the fellow mates of kanha join in with the people too. They all praise the 2 kings stepping out of the gate and say you are very kind, you are very kind! Praise the kind lords as they help us. Kanha and balram figure out that these 2 kings give gold coins to the people and thus they are called kind.

Precap: Alaxmi hatches a plan and goes to vrindavan to foil the plans of the people to do the Pooja on a Saturday. Kansa asks gargacharya to help him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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