Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa stops the desturction.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parshuram ji telling kansa, you cannot blackmail me. Kansa says prabhu, you are my bhagwan, I am your disciple, I have just kept a wish. Kansa says if you tell me how to get to the form of Vishnu, I will then stop all this destruction and I will save the people and earth from any more damage. Parshuram ji thinks what to do.
There inside the cave, all people are safe. Damodar says what do we do now? Nand says rishi gargacharya, I never thought we would have to save ourselves like this and our world would get destroy like this. Rishi says believe in god and trust kanha, everything will soon be fine, nothing will happen to anyone. Suddenly the rock starts getting out of place and gets pulled by the powerful hole in the sky. The rock gets pulled and the entrance of the cave opens. Balram, rishi gargacharya and radha run outside and stand outside the cave, they see huge rocks and everything else getting pulled in the hole now. Suddenly the people struggle and then fall outside the cave, they all get pulled in the sky. Balram and radha say no! all the people, nand, brij bhanu and everyone else get pulled in the sky. People scream, save us balram please save us. Balram says wait kaka, today I will not let anything happen to anyone.
Balram sees a rope and he throws it in the sky and tells the people to hold it. All people hold onto the rope as balram with all his strength keeps the rope at the ground in his hand. Radha helps balram in pulling the rope. Rishi thinks, I hope everything will be fine in time.
There parshuram ji says to kansa, okay kansa I will tell you how to find prabhu vishnu’s form but you shall stop all this destruction first and bring the arrow back. Kansa says okay bhagwan, I believe you. Kansa goes in the balcony and he then prays and gets the saran bow, he then gets back the arrow from the sky, the hole closes and slowly the storm starts to settle. Kansa stops the destruction. Bhagwan parshuram takes the bow and arrow from kansa. Kansa says now tell me prabhu, how do I find Vishnu? I called him myself too, but he didn’t come. Parshuram ji says kansa you foolish evil demon, you are about to find your death, and as close as you get to prabhu vishnu’s form you get close to your death. kansa says that is what I want, I told Vishnu I want my death but he didn’t come in front of me, I told everyone I want my death but still I have not been able to find Vishnu, now you only help me. Parshuram ji says are you sure you want to find you death? kansa says yes I want to. Parshuram says okay then, listen.
There balram sees as the storm goes and hole closes. All people start falling down on ground and say save us, please save us. Balram says what do we do rishi? How do we save everyone now? There kanha is sitting on the ground and he starts praying om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namah! He becomes very huge in size and his prayers create a soundwave, this soundwave slowly lands all the people on the ground without them getting hurt. Rishi smiles.
Balram, kanha, radha and rishi go to the people on ground. Yashoda is unconscious. Kanha says mother get up, please get up. Yashoda opens her eyes and hugs kanha. Kanha is happy. All people get up and damodar says everything is over, we are all saved, all people are happy.
There parshuram says kansa remember the aakashvani! Kansa says yes I remember it, kansa laughs. Parshuram says not that aakashvani which prabhu Vishnu made kansa! The one which yog maya did when you tried to kill devki’s 8th child. Kansa thinks and remembers. In flashback, as kansa throws the child out of the window, suddenly yog maya appears and she says kansa, the child you always wanted to kill has taken birth in brij mandal, and that child will kill you kansa. Kansa says yes this all happened that time. Parshuram says then think kansa, yog maya knew that the child had already taken birth, she aalso knows where the child took birth and who has taken care of that child for these many years, she knows the truth. Parshuram says there is only one way now that you know who prabhu vishnu’s form is, you have to go and find yog maya and take the truth from her. Kansa says yes. Parshuram says kansa, remember, you are heading towards your death.

Precap: kansa tells a demon to go in past and find the place where yog maya lives. There kanha takes all people to temple of yog maya to pray to her, kanha tells balram that we have to save devi yog maya as kansa is finding her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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