Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Kansa summons vamanasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vamana avatar talking to kansa and danu mata. Kansa says vamana, you came here to kill me? vamana smiles. Kansa says Vishnu you fraud, you have always cheated with everyone, you took the avatar of narsimha and varaha to kill hirankashyap and hiranyaksh, if you are so right, then why did you kill and cheat with so many demons? Why did you take vamana avatar and cheat with the Dharma purush demon Raja bali? At least he being a demon followed dharma, but you still took vamana avatar and sent raja bali to rule patal lok, why? you did so much adharma and yet you defend yourself, but not this time Vishnu! Vamana you will die from a demon who wants revenge from you as well, Vamanasur I call you. come and kill vamana, he has come here for you. Vamana says kansa, you cannot

do anything to me, and nothing will happen to vamana as well.
Vamanasura appears in his huge and crooked form, he screams in anger and says vamana I have been waiting long to kill you. kansa laughs and says vamana, you were cursed by shokracharya that his damaged eye would be the reason for your vamana avatar’s death, I found the eye apparently and now your curse is Vamanasura’s blessing. Bhadraksh says Vishnu, now you will suffer from the real god, bhagwan kansa.
In vaikunth dham, all gods gather and indra dev says prabhu, what is this? What if kansa kills the vamana avatar? shokracharya had given a curse, what will happen now? devi laxmi says indra dev, all the forms of prabhu Vishnu are independent from him! they think themselves and speak and decide what they want, what the forms think has mostly not much to do with what prabhu Vishnu thinks, so if vamana thinks he wont die then vamana will live, but the curse will tell.
All gods go to protect vamana avatar and to save the world of vamana Shastra. Vamanasura stands tall and he summons the fire of the damaged eye of shokracharya, the fire stands and rotates like a horizontal whirlpool in the sky. All gods appear. Vamanasura says vamana, now you will die from the fire of this eye. Suryadev uses his weapon and attacks the fire, but nothing happens. Kansa says come gods, come! Try and save your prabhu’s avatar Vamana. kansa laughs. indra dev uses his Vajra astra and attacks lightning on the fire but the fire rages and all gods attempts to stop the fire fails.
In vrindavan, gargacharya goes to all the villagers and tells them to not worry. Yashoda says where are all the children guru? Gargacharya says I have taken them under my yog Shakti power, don’t worry, they are sleeping, so go home and take care of your children. Yashoda and all people say yes and they go back to their houses.
Vamana avatar watches the fire as vamanasura brings the fire towards vamana avatar. kansa says all gods, watch vamana avatar die now. all gods try to stop the fire whirlpool again but fail as it is too powerful. The gods pray to lord Vishnu and say do something prabhu, they then start praying to vamana Shakti.

Precap: Vamana Shakti glows in its divya form, all gods pray to vamana. The damaged eye of shokracharya uses its powers to attack vamana.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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