Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: It is kanha’s birthday. An important aspect of Krishna’s life is revealed.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and his friends playing and yashoda comes with the women to them. Yashoda says kanha’ friends I have made special dresses for you so that everyone knows you are kanha’s special friends. Yashoda then says kanha you did not tell me what you want to eat tomorrow, I will make it specially for you. kanha says I will eat those sweets what my friends will eat. Yashoda asks all friends and they say laddoo, malpua, kheer and other sweets. Friends then say but kaki be it kanha’s birthday or not, he eats butter only. Everyone laugh. Nand comes and says yashoda you did not ask me what I want to eat tomorrow. Yashoda says I will ask you when it will be your birthday. Nand smiles. Yashoda then says nand ji we have called everyone right? Nand says yes yashoda and I will also go and call guru gardhacharya for kanha’s birthday. Kanha then asks father why do we celebrate birthday? Nand says because kanha a birthday is that day when you were born and this day is the best day in the life of a mother and father. Kanha smiles and says okay.
Nand goes to guru gardhachary who is praying to suryadev. He says guru you have to come to my son kanha’s birthday tomorrow. Guru says nand I will come for sure at kanha’a birthday.
At home the next day, all preparations are made and kanha is being bathed with milk and water by the women. There devki Is cleaning the idol she made and vasudev lights diyas in front of the idol. The women then put jewelry on kanha’s body, hands and legs. yashoda sees and says to rohini that kanha is my son and it is his birthday, why do the women get the chance to put the jewelry on him? rohini says don’t worry yashoda, unless you put the peacock feather on kanha’s head, his shringaar will not be complete. Rohini gives yasoda the peacock feather. There devki and vasudev tie blue cloth on the head of the idol and devki takes the peacock feather. There yashoda puts peacock feather on kaha’s head and here devki puts the peacock feather on the head of the idol. Kanha is ready. Guru gardhacharya comes with his disciples and they are welcomed by nand and all people. Kanha comes walking to his swing and is made to sit as everyone spray flowers on him. guru comes and kanha gets up and does pranam. Guru smiles and makes kanha sit down, he then puts tika on him and does his Pooja. Guru blesses kanha as he does pranam to guru again.
There brahma rakshasa shridhar comes at the border of gokul on a hill and holds one man and woman by the ncek, he says where is devki’s 8th child? Then he looks in their head and sees they don’t know anything about devki’s 8th child, shridhar throws them away far away.
There kanha is in the center as all women surround him and sing and start dancing by kanha’s name. everyone is happy as men also spray flowers. Kanha dances in the center and becomes the light of everyone’s eye. Kanah comes to the pond and stands and dances as the women sing and dance. There shridhar looks at gokul and says Narayan, I will find that child and kill him. shridhar starts screaming very loudly and the sound reaches the village. As kanha and everyone dance, the sound reaches there and everyone close their ears to stop the sound of the demon. Everyone fall down and become unconscious from the sound. Kanha is alone left unaffected by the sound. Kanha looks at everyone and says get up. Kanha goes to yashoda nand and rohini and tries waking them up. Kanha then looks at guru gardhacharya and says get up gurudev. Gururdev opens his eyes and says kanha this is the evil voice of a brahma rakshasa and this has made everyone faint down, everyone can get up only rom the sweetest voice of this world. Gurudev also falls unconscious.
Laxmi says lord Vishnu, this is very bad, on nand lal’s birthday everyone has fallen unconscious. How will kanha save everyone? Lord Vishnu smiles.
There kanha takes a bell and rings it thinking it to be a good sound. Kanha sees no one wakes up and goes and looks at a shell in the temple. Kanha takes it and blows the shell, its sound is sacred. Kanha blows it near everyone’s ears but no one wakes up.
Laxmi says dev, a shell has the most sacred sound in this universe and how couldn’t anyone wake up? Lord Vishnu says the shell has a scared sound, but the sweetest sound is needed and kanha will find the right instrument for that.
There kanha says what do I do now? then kanha hears birds singing. He goes out of the house and starts going to a place behind the banayan trees which has a garden. Shridhar comes in the village and turns into a rishi, he creates clones to help him and they see in everyone’s mind to check for devki’s 8th child. Shridhar comes to kanha’s house and starts checking in everyone’s mind, then he sees in yashoda’s mind. Kanha there comes a tree and sees thin bamboo, he breaks it and blows it. kanha listens to the sound. There shridhar sees in yashoda’s head and then stops as he doesn’t find anything. There kanha starts playing the bamboo as flute.

Precap: everyone get up from the sound of the flute being played. Kanha plays the flute and its sweet voice wakes all people of gokul. A small girl is running out of the house as kanha plays the flute.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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