Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha takes Vamana avatar.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha in the vamana lok with vaaman guru. Vaman guru says prabhu, that demon kansa took the vaman idol and now everything in the world will change as he is also after the five objects of vamana Shakti. Kanha says vaman guru, don’t worry, I will make everything right, nothing shall happen to the world. Kanha sits and meditates in the vamana lok. Kanha closes his eyes and prays.
In vrindavan, all kids gather at the banyan tree. balram says that friends, we don’t need anyone now and if we don’t need our parents then even their belongings and things should not be around us. all children agree and say yes what do we do? Balram says bring your parents possessions here, go. everyone go home. balram goes home and brings nand and yashoda’s belongings to the village

tree. all children come with their own parents belongings. Balram and the kids destroy the possessions of their parents and start vandalizing the village entirely.
Rishi gargacharya comes to the village. All parents get scared and they hide in a storage room in vrindavan. Yashoda says don’t worry people, we will be safe here until kanha comes. Kanha will come soon.
Rishi gargacharya sees the village vandalished and he is shocked to see many things destroyed in vrindavan. Guru then sees the children doing all this and he is further shocked, he goes and confronts all children and balram and says what are you doing kids? This is not right, where is everyone else? Balram and all kids say rudely, you don’t teach us what to do rishi gargacharya, we will do what we want because now we answer to no one. Guru gargacharya is shocked to see the changed behavior of the children, he thinks this is all happening because kansa has destroyed some of the five objects of vamana Shakti, if he destroys all then the entire world will be stripped of sanskriti and manners and everything will near destruction.
Guru gargacharya thinks of a way to stop the children and he then uses his powers and hypnotizes all the children, all children say we will listen to what you say. gargacharya says everyone, go back to your houses and sleep, take rest and do nothing. All children say and they go back to their respective houses.
Kansa tells the eye of shokracharya that he needs to come with him, soon Vishnu will take the vamana avatar and he will get to kill it because he has the curse on vamana. Kansa attains the eye of shokracharya and he goes back to kansa lok.
Narad muni say to devi laxmi, mata the Vamana avatar is vulnerable and he represents moral values and not strength, then if kanha takes the vaaman avatar, how will he protect himself? devi laxmi says devrishi, it is important for kanha to take the vaaman avatar because it is the for the same reason you said, he represents moral values and not strength. Kansa has threatened the existence of the world by destroying some of the five objects of vamana Shakti, the world is slowly losing moral values and sanskriti, Kanha has to take vamana avatar so that he saves the world and brings back the moral values and vamana sanskriti in the world and devrishi, it is your prabhu’s leela that will also not let anything happen to vamana Shakti! You have to watch what happens.
Kanha prays in vamana lok and as he prays a light from his body emerges in the form of vamana avatar and Vamana then goes to kansa lok to confront kansa.

Precap: Kansa summons vamanasura to kill vamana avatar. all gods come to protect vamana avatar from the eye of shokracharya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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