Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parampitah giving knowledge of the new sea water to radha that it will become tirth. Also tells radha that your curse wont’ be wiped out as you are having 2 births curse so you have to continue yatra towards kankhar to clear your all curses. So radha & her mother father continue their yatra. While walking radha sees some gopiyas being tied with chiains on their legs.

Here Kanha leaves gurudev & goes with brahmandev for their new lessons to learn under him. Brahmandev starts with giving them task of preparing world’s tasty food for him by which the soul should get pure too. & to prepare by his own hands only. Brahmandev also says that till I eat my food it should not get finished. Hearing Balarama laughs but brahmandev get angry & tries to curse him but kanha intervenes & sya that instead cursing please bless us. Kanha asks what more you want & brahmandev replies to prepare by his own hands only & should not do any mistake or will curse him so kanha gets confused & Balarama talks with kanha how we complete this task. Brahmandev talks in himself that I will keep harassing you this way kanha & all gods will rethink about you.

Here radha talks with gopiyas & asks them their problems. They don’t utter much & only tell her that they are meant for this kind of behavior only due to our birth being in female form so we are born criminal. Radha gets confused & thinks how is this law in this village where females are not allowed to talk or think in their terms too.

Here kanha & Balarama start their task of preparing food with chatting mischievous talks.

There narad muni & prabhu talk about females problems in kankhar & prabhu explains about radha being born to resolve such problems of females in this world. To create respects for females in this world is the main task of radha. So narad understands the curse given to radha is the reason behind this. Prabhu tells narad that like kanha is born for destroying evils in religions like that radha is born create female respects & support kanha’s tasks too. So narad accepts that radha & kanha are born for eachother. Prabhu replies yes it is right.

Here Balarama under preparing food & kanha & Balarama keep chatting with funny talks while preparing food.

Here at kankhar radha’s father talks with villagers that this is wrong by dis-respecting females in your village. Radha also shouts about this to them. Villagers in reply says that here if any female shouts with men then she is hanged also. They ask who has made this law & they reply that this made by maharaj Daksha who is no more now. Radha says then you should go to maa saraswati or maa durga for help. They chat about history of maharaj Daksha & radha & her father explains them about old correct history. Villagers say to radha that you will be punished if you try changing our law over here so please leave if you want to be safe. Radha sees angrily towards them. Black smoke is thrown in air & villagers say that maharaj Daksha is blessing us. Villagers become happy with this. Radha immediately sees the change in behavior of her father who becomes arrogant suddenly.

Here Balarama tells kanha after preparing all food that he is feeling so hungry after seeing so tasty food. Kanha & Balarama keep chatting & Balarama says lets taste & see if brahmandev will love or no. Kanha says lets smell & see how tasty it is & after smelling gives his feedback of all food items by giving various soso grades mischievously. Balarama get bugged on kanha & immediately hears voice of brahmandev to bring food or will curse. Kanha & Balarama loudly reply of bringing soon & also getting scared if he likes or no or he will curse us.

Here radha wonders & asks father what has happened to you & why you are talking like these villagers. He replies it is correct & you have no rights to talk much & abide by the rules imposed here so radha feels more trouble.

Here kanha keeps food in front of brahmandev to eat. He sees & talks within himself that if I find any mistake then I will curse you kanha & will stop your procession in becoming ishwar status. Kanha realizes brahmandev talking within himself. So kanha gives brahmandev lesson to not to talk within himself while having food. Brahmandev starts having food & keeps eating & eating happily with uttering good & tasty & finally finishes. Brahmandev demand more food & Balarama replies you have finished all food made for 3 days so now there is no food left. Brahmandev getting angry says is this the way you feed half the food give more food or I will curse you. Brahmandev tries to curse but kanha stops him & says wait for this sweet to eat & then if you feel curse us. Kanha requests him to let me feed by my own hands & brahmandev keeps eating sweet feeded by kanha.

Here radha wonders of her father’s change of behavior & tells her mother it may be due to possibility of black smoke spreaded, hearing this females around replies yes you are right & explains her that due to this smoke our men get arrogant with us. Radha wonders what the secret behind this. The females say this is no ordinary smoke but from that havan kund where maharaj Daksha’s neck was cut & fallen. Radha wonders & asks females where is this havan kund for which we are here to acquire maharaj daksh’s neck only. Females reply that we are not allowed to tell you but we feel that you will free us from this problem. So females give complete details of kund silently.

Here brahmandev after eating sweet gets contented & says enough now as I am full stomach with food after eating this sweet. Now I wish to rest & while I rest kanha you will give me air by moving fan on me & Balarama you will press my legs & after my rest is complete then if you are not in front of me then I will curse you. Brahmandev gets up after eating to go for rest room.

Here radha walks towards searching kund & finds one hole from which black smoke coming out.Radha tries to touch but gets shocked  & lava comes out of it. Radha sees a clip of maharaj Daksha ordering law against females & then her daughter suiciding for her wrong decision & so brahmadev sends a dhoot & he cuts the neck of maharaj Daksha to imposing such partial law agains females. Radha sees cutting neck but understands that the smoke is still alive against females due to which men get annoyed by this smoke spreaded. Need to resolve this radha feels. After thinking that the smoke should be stopped by spreading but how.

Here balaram talks with kanha that food prepared by us & ate brahmendev & not left a single item of food. Now he will rest & we will work for him. Kanha makes Balarama calm & tells to wait for result of our good deeds & proceeds for work.

Here radha sees females & wonders that is very injustice towards females. Takes rod in hands & smashes the chains tied with females & frees them. The females tries stopping her but she doesn’t & gives explanation of rights of females in this world. She makes them realize female respect & gives them tips to over-come this. Radha suggests a way out for this to females & they get convinced by her advice. Radha tells them everything is possible in this world & listen & do accordingly carefully as I have explained.

Here kanha moves fan on brahmandev & Balarama presses his legs & keep chatting of pain they are facing due to brahmandev. Brahmandev hears & gives warning to do work properly or will curse. Yes says kanha. Kanha requests brahmandev to send Balarama to have water & will work as per your terms immediately so brahmandev allows.

Here radha takes females near the kund & explains showing all the smoke coming out of kund for what reason behind. Radha gives strength to females & says this is right time to stop this smoke to clear your lifetime hurdle to lead comfortable life in future. Radha says wake-up & fight for your rights now. So females lift shank & blow heavily to vanish all the black smoke & feel happy by this as atmosphere becomes clean.

Here kanha asks brahmandev that can I fan you fast & brahmandev says yes do that so I feel comfortable & kanha replies I will move so fast that you will get air & air itself. After sometime bramandev starts feeling storm in air & gets scared shouting what is this. Kanha replies I don’t know as I am only moving fan fast.  Brahmandev shouts kanha to stop this storm but kanha replies how can I as I am ordinary small child. Brahmandev falls in trouble of storm & gets lifted by storm from bed. Brahmandev shouts a kanha to stop fan & no need of working for me now. Brahmandev realizes kanha is doing leela with him so he fixes that he will curse kanha.

Precap: Inda dev immerges as evil & warns villagers of kankhar that he will destroy them & sends smoke from his mouth, radha starts praying to goddess sati to free females from this evil. 

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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