Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha tells balram he is god.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people saying kanha is our god, he is our prabhu and has saved us many times- a savior. All people come by chances to take the blessings of kanha’s idol. Kanha goes fed up at home and says what do I do now? how can I stop these people? My truth cannot be revealed to anyone now.
There bhadraksh sees in vrindavan, he sees all people taking blessings of kanha and thinking of him as a god. Bhadraksh says what is this new problem now? Even the people know that this kanha is paramavatar? I have to tell bhagwan kansa otherwise this will be a huge problem. Bhadraksh goes.
In Mathura, kansa is resting near his throne and bhadraksh comes and says bhagwan, a huge problem has arisen. Kansa says what happened bhadraksh? Why have you come so worried? Don’t annoy me now. bhadraksh says bhagwan it is a big problem, the people of vrindavan have made kanha their god, maybe they know kanha is paramavatar Krishna and they are now taking blessings of kanha’s idol and doing its Pooja. Kansa says what? How is this possible? That chakradhari has done another of his cheap tricks now. keshi comes and says kansa, don’t worry, I have a plan for that as well. We have to take advantage of the situation, the people of vrindavan think kanha is god only because they think his statue has emerged from the ground but we can send a demon in the same dress up as kanha, kansa you dress up the way kanha does with his same flute and dress, I brought this dress and flute from vrindavan, you have to disguise as a child of almost his age and with the same dress up, make them believe that you are the one they are seeing in that idol and you are their god. Kansa takes the dress and flute and plays it, he says chakradhari Vishnu now I will play tricks with you.
There kaanha is at his home and says what do I do now? balram says don’t ask me, do what you want because you wanted to become a god so now be their god and give them blessings. Kanha thinks how do I convince brother? Kanha then stands and says I am paramavatar shri Krishna, I am everyone’s savior and I am the avatar of prabhu Vishnu who has been born as Krishna! believe me, only i am the god who will destroy all evil and I have been the one who has done so many leela’s. balram gets angry and says lets go radha, he has accepted he is god. Radha says yes. Kanha says this is what I was saying brother, if the people will make me god then I wont be your brother anymore, I wont be radha’s gwala and mother and father’s son, everyone will go away from me but believe me I am your kanha, you don’t understand because you think I want to be everyone’s god. Balram says forgive me kanha, I was angry but now I understand your trouble, I and radha will do everything we can to stop the people from making you god.
Kansa there says I cannot be that Vishnu because I am bhagwan kansa and one god cannot pretend to be someone else, I will not be that chakradhari because he is no equal to me, I have the right person for this work. Kansa calls the demon pondrik.
All people are praying to kanha’s idol and now they pain the idol exactly as kanha’s dresses and flute and they establish a small temple in between the village and put the idol in it, people throw flowers and start decorating the place and preparing for a Pooja.

Precap: Pondrik comes disguised as a child like kanha and tells people, I amyour god, I am the one who is in the statue. Kanha is confused.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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