Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudhama makes an idol of kanha and radha.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudhama going with kanha and radha to the banks of Yamuna river. Sudhama says I will make an idol of both of you standing together. Kanha says then make it in such a way that everyone should remember it, kanha stands with his flute and radha stands beside kanha with a pot in her hand. Radha says sudhama, make it like this. Sudhama smiles and he takes the white clay and mud, he mixes and starts molding it in an idol of kanha and radha, sudhama uses water and crafts a statue of kanha and radha.
There pondrik goes to kansa in Mathura. Kansa says bhagwan pondrik is here, so now it is time for you to do the work that I told you to, to kill kanha! Pondrik says kansa, I am here to kill you and not kanha, I am the form of lord Vishnu and also from now the paramavatar

Krishna, you shall call me paramavatar pondrik. Kansa laughs and says bhadraksh, see what this fool is saying, he has started wearing his robes again so he thinks he is paramavatar, so much power in your bhakti? Kansa says I wanted you to kill that kanha but Vishnu fooled you, you have come here to kill me, kansa laughs. kansa says okay then, I don’t have any other option left, I have to kill you. kansa puts his sword inside pondrik’s stomach, pondrik screams. Kansa laughs and says see bhagwan pondrik is dead. Pondrik then stands and he removes the sword out of his stomach and throws it down and says kansa, you still don’t understand. Kansa is shocked and says he really has become the paramavatar, so your bhakti towards Vishnu made you a god. Pondrik says yes kansa, I am paramavatar pondrik for one day, from my bhakti I earned it as a blessing and till the sunset today, I am paramavatar, before that I shall kill you. kansa laughs and says you will kill bhagwan kansa? Even Vishnu hasn’t been able to kill me then what can you do? I can change my destiny and you think you will kill me? Pondrik says kansa, you have done many sins for which aakashvani was made that you would be killed from the hands of paramavatar, now my purpose is what the paramavatar’s purpose is, I shall kill you and end your evil on this world. Kansa gets angry.
There sudhama makes an idol of kanha and radha standing with their flute and pot respectively. Sudhama molds the idol with love and finally the beautiful idol is made. Sudhama says I have made it radha ji, you can see it. radha and kanha come near sudhama and radha says sudhama this is such a beautiful idol. Kanha says sudhama, you are truly a great artist! This idol is so beautiful and you made it exactly as we both were standing. Sudhama does pranam. radha says so sudhama, you have to help me now to pick this idol to my house, I shall keep it with me. Kanha says wait gopi, how did you decide that? I will keep the statue at my house, if you want to see it you can come to my house anytime you want. Radha says what are you saying? I told sudhama to make this statue, so it belongs to me now and anyway you have an idol made of your own with you, so keep that and I will keep this with me. Kanha says no, I will keep it. rishi gargacharya comes and kanha and sudhama do pranam. kanha says rishi it is the right time that you came, you only tell us who will keep this idol? Guru gargacharya thinks prabhu and mata, this idol does not belong to you but it belongs to your disciples who would come from far places to take your darshan and to look at this statue. Rishi gargacharya says kanha and radha, I will keep this statue in my ashram. Kanha is confused and say why guru? Rishi says kanha and radha, it will be safe with me. Radha says yes guru is right, he gave us the solution, let guru keep the statue with him so that it will be safe with him and we both can go anytime to look at the statue. Balram comes and does pranam guru. He says kanha and radha you both are here? come on quick, kaki yashoda has been finding all of us since when and specially you both, she has called to eat food, lets go quickly. Radha kanha and balram go. guru comes and sees the statue and says it is truly beautiful. Sudhama does pranam to the idol and goes.
There kansa and ponrik remove their gadha’s and start fighting.

Precap: kansa and pondrik fight. Kanha and balram go with sudhama at rishi sandeepani’s ashram for education.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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