Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Gargacharya tells about the Vamana curse.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi gargacharya telling the story of vaman and raja bali to kanha. Rishi says kanha, your avatar of vamana had been cursed to die, so I am worried that maybe this time the vamana avatar has to die, because of the curse laid on vamana by rishi shukracharya. Kanha says how? Gargacharya says king bali was a disciple of lord Vishnu and he followed dharma, he became the disciple of vamana avatar of prabhu and one day king bali tied to get the water out from the golden holy vessel to make a vow, but the water got blocked and did not come out. Vaaman avatar knew something was not right and he saw through the vessel and saw rishi shokracharya using his maya who was inside the vessel with a stick. Vaaman hit the vessel and shokracharya got hurt inside the vessel and that

led to him losing the sight of one eye. Shokracharya then cursed the vamana avatar that his damaged eye would become the reason for vamana’s death. Kanha says now I understand, kansa is doing this so that he can find all five objects and by destroying them, I will have to summon my vamana avatar, he will try to kill vamana avatar. kanha goes to the vaaman lok to find about more about this.
In vrindavan, balram is with all the children at the banyan tree. balram says friends, I called you here because now we shall all unite. All friends say yes. Balram says our parents always make us work and they gave us birth too so that we could just be of use to them, from now we wont listen to them. All children say yes brother. Balram says we shall live alone from now, we will remove our parents from our houses and out of vrindavan, we shall live alone. All kids say yes and suddenly all people come there. yashoda says what are you saying balram? You will remove us out of vrindavan? Balram says yes kaki, it is enough now, we don’t need you we will love by ourselves and do what we want, you go away from this village and away from us. all parents and yashoda have tears and all children take their parents home and pack their belonging telling them to go.
In Mathura, mata danu is with kansa and she tells kansa, now finally so that Vishnu takes vamana avatar, you need to find that damaged eye kansa. The damaged eye of shokracharya is the key to the death of vamana avatar, shokracharya’s curse will work and vamana avatar will be killed.
Kansa and bhadraksh go and they deep inside patal lok on a mountain and see a huge tower holding the huge eye of shokracharya burning like fire. Kansa says shokracharay’s eye, I am bhagwan kansa, the eye attacks kansa and kansa destroys the attack and says I am the king of demons and everyone’s god! I have come here to give you a chance to avenge your death, to kill the vamana avatar as shokracharya’s curse said that. the eye burns and says I have been long waiting for this opportunity, I will destroy vamana.
In vrindavan, all kids burn religious scriptures and clothes, they become arrogant and tell parents to leave the houses. Yashoda and all people are leaving the village and kanha comes. Yashoda says kanha have you also turned like the other kids? Kanha says no mother, the kids have been affected because this has been done by kansa, kansa planned this and because of that all kids have turned adharmi! Kansa has to be stopped. All people are worried.

Precap: Kansa provokes the eye to kill vamana avatar. kanha takes the vamana avatar to save vamana Shastra and dharma around the world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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