Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna creates Dwarka

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurudev understanding in his meditation that krishna is alive & has given ordered  to him what next to do. Maharaj asks gurudev what he saw & gurudev is convincing maharaj that Krishna itself is alive & we do not have to worry about Krishna. Maharaj is still under tensions about Krishna but gurudev explains maharaj what he has saw as Krishna will save all of us only we have to meditate of him. All are meditating having faith in Krishna by taking advice from gurudev.

Gurudev is singing prayers for Krishna while walking all over village. Gurudev is sitting doing prayers of Krishna under a tree.

Jarasan is happy seeing the whole mountain is in debris under destroyed by fire & thinking of Krishna is finished. He is cursing Krishna shouting towards Mathura villagers which he has not forgotten the treatment given to him in the past of which he feels has taken revenge of it. Also warning Mathura villagers of coming to take revenge & shouts his army as next target Mathura & all are supporting his order.

All are sleeping in Mathura village & Krishna comes to take them along with him to hide them.

Jarasan comes with his army to kill all Mathura people & keeps accusing Krishna & the people of Mathura of his past treatment they had given to him. Jarasan shouts to his army that to go & kill all Mathura people but take care as nobody should left alive. All army is searching people but can’t find them so jarasan is in confusion thinking has maharaj ugrasen given shelter in his palace it can be he thinks so tells all to lets go. All army searching maharaj’s palace too but nobody was found so jarasan thinks that all Mathura people have ran away but says I would have being more happy if I could have killed all people by my own hands. Jarasan is under impression that Mathura people are hiding & Krishna with balaram are killed by him & thinks that he has taken revenge of his son-in-law kansa’s death too.

Krishna is telling Arjun this way I saved all people of Mathura & jarasan kept under impression that I am killed which was important as if i  would have not done this then he would have killed all brahmans. A truth was that jarasan’s death was not near but the time had come for me to create a new religious world & the name of the world was dwarika.

All the people of Mathura are surprised where they have come & thinking is it vaikunth which is so pure place so gurudev says yes it is Krishna’a world vaikunth itself. Maharaj & akroor is also surprised what a beautiful place it is. They all see shrikrishna & pray him asking how we came here so Krishna replies that this is religious place dwarika which is surrounded by sea water & developed by no other than vishwakarma himself, as jarasan or any evil has no place to come here.  So Krishna is telling all to lead very smooth & happy life. Maharaj is praising Krishna & balarama is shouting praising slogan as “dwarkadhish vasudev shrikrishna’s jai” & all are supporting his praise. All are praying Krishna.

Krishna is explaining Arjun of moral of life. Krishna is also telling Arjun that after killing kansa & creating dwarka one goal was completed by me so time had come to start a new lesson. Arjun asks what was that lesson so Krishna tells him about security of woman which started with draupadi which she had to face ill treatment due to which we are here standing in between this mahabharat. This start happened from vidharbha’s rajkumari Rukmini. Arjun asks what the motive of dwarika creation was & what was relations of maharani Rukmini by this today’s war? Krishna says my wife Rukmini has direct connection with this war. Rukmini took only religious side & who is a clear example of woman’s love & power.

Girls are running behind rukmani shouting to stop in the palace. Rukmani is talking with the statue of Krishna emotionally with tears in her eyes. Rukmani says that if you do not come today then wrong will happen with this rukmani & asking Krishna to atleast answer my questions. Rukmani is keeping on talking with Krishna’s statue continuously.

Krishna is sitting on a slide & talking with rukmani about love. He is saying that till now only you have raised questions but you have not yet opened your feelings so you say something which I am eagerly waiting to hear. Rukmani is saying since so much time what I was saying & Krishna says I know your feelings so rukmani says that it is true that I only took you as my friend but this is also true that now you are in my heart, in my love & also feel like I am nothing without you. Krishna says what you are saying is just the limit of love & after you & me all secrets finish. Rukmani says this is the reason that I wish to become your wife & to secure my this right it is your duty. My brother is trying to wed me by somebody else & as a woman I have my rights to marry with him only whom I love. My brother has taken decision to marry me with shishupal so as there is no distance between you & me so how can I marry anybody if I have dedicated myself to you with all my love & husband is he who secures his wife so you have to come for my security. Krishna hears this smilingly.


Precap: Rukmani’s brother is angry with her stating he will never allow you to dream of marriage with Krishna & will do your marriage with my friend shishupal. Krishna says that without seeing me you loved me so to secure you I am coming Rukmini.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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