Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Kansa brings vamana idol to kansa lok.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa going inside the cave in vamana lok. Kansa sees the idol of vamana and laughs and says now all the sanskriti and manners in this world will be destroyed, wait and watch Vishnu. Kansa takes the vamana idol and he goes back to kansa lok in Mathura.
Kanha is with his friends playing in vrindavan as they play with lagori and a ball. In Mathura, kansa looks at vamana idol and says Vishnu soon you will see your world crumbling as I destroy your idol that contains your vaman Shastra and manners of this world. Kansa destroys the idol as it crumbles. In vrindavan, all friends play and suddenly kanha says no som, give me the ball I will throw. Som says no kanha, this lagori game is mine so we will play, we don’t want to play with you! go away kanha. All friends

leave kanha and go. kanha is confused and he says my friends cannot do this, something is happening in the world otherwise my friends wouldn’t be rude to me like this. Kanha goes to searchhis friends.
All friends go to balram who is also affected by the absence of vamana Shastra in the world. Balram says what happened? The friends say brother balram, we are tired of listening to our parents and elders. Balram says then go and teach them a lesson, disobey them. The friends say brother balram is right.
There as kanha comes in vrindavan searching for his friends, he sees his friends with their parents and disobeying their elders. Kanha comes to his friends and says why are you disrespecting and disobeying your parents and elders? That is not how we are friends. Kanha tries to explain to his friends that they should respect and obey their elders. All friends retort that all the elders want is to use them as servants and make them work, they don’t get to play enough and every time they have to listen to their parents, even after that they get scolded sometimes for not working enough. Kanha tries to convince his friends but everyone walk away rudely disrespecting their parents. Kanha thinks what has happened? Kanha goes to rishi gargacharya to know what is happening.
Kansa is with asur mata danu and kansa says mata danu, I will destroy the five elements of vaaman, that will turn the kids against God too and then the destruction of the world will start, ultimately demons will win and I shall rule the world, kanha will have to take the vaaman avatar then and he will be killed.
In vrindavan, all kids are being rude and arrogant and balram is at home, he turns everyone more rebellious and says do not listen to anyone friends, from now we shall do what we want. At home yashoda is doing her work when balram comes inside angrily and says kaki, where are you? yashoda comes out and says what happened balram, why are you looking so angry? Balram says kaki, I don’t want to listen to anything, I want to get married. Yashoda is in shock and says what are you saying balram? Balram says yes kaki, I am fed up of this life now and I want a wife, I want to get married now.
Kanha goes to rishi gargacharya and says what has happened gurudev? All children have turned arrogant and are being disrespectful to everyone. Gargacharya says I will know what has happened using my yog Shakti.

Precap: Kanha goes to vaaman lok and meets the vaman guru. Danu asks kansa to find the damaged eye of vaaman avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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