Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balhuk scolding rishi kumars & getting ready to kill them but suddenly kanha immerges in new avatar & stops balhuk by killing rishi kumars & balhuk seeing kanha in form changing, balhuk starts fight & getting kicked by kanha accuses & forces his colleagues too to fight with kanha & kanha pushes them by his sword & recites within himself that they will be controlled by other strength by demolishing their brain powers & hits them on their necks by changing their form into horses & rishi kumars getting released. Then those changed in horses plead kanha & ask him to bless them by his avatar. Kanha shows his true Paramavatar shrikrishna & tells them that they were being born human beings for good deeds but instead performed bad deeds so this is your guilt form & so they plead to take them in kanha’s arms & kanha takes them in his in earth.
Here radha & her mother-father keep walking to a distant place as per her mother’s wishes for radha’s betterment & her father keeps talking to radha that she is very understanding & intelligent girl in so small age where elder’s also fail in front of you & her mother too praises her & tells her that what she has done will always be blessed by god to you & your hurdles will definitely wash-out. Radha’s mother says how much time will we keep walking & have any idea where they will find brahmadev’s shish & when will the old incidents wipe. Radha’s father tells her mother that he understands her trouble & if gurudev has told us the solution then there must be some reason behind as going to pushkar not much far. Radha’s mother says I am seeing no end to this route but radha interrupts & tells her mother that father is saying correct & whatever happens in this world has some reason behind & so may be this travel will lead me to my motive.
Suddenly they face a devotional singing group singing chorus prayers with table & bells & they feel this place as good & willing to halt & rest. Radha’s father asks one person in that group that if they can rest here & he reciprocates that they too are halting at night here & you can also do the same. Radha’s father tells her mother that they will wait here at night & to proceed next day morning to pushkar.
Here kanha tells to devi that ashlok is hers now & reunites her dev with her. Dev & devi praises kanha & asks any help from their side to him but kanha tells him that he & his dau are happy with your happiness & ashlok is in safe hands now. Devi says she will always be praised by you kanha & kanha reciprocates that he will also be praised by you as you have saved both of our lives. Devi then asks for leave & they disappear.
Balaram tells kanha that he is happy to clear this hurdle with our lives being safe & kanha replies yes & now I will take you to more bigger hurdle than this then balaram reciprocates no kanha or he will immediately return to vrindavan & kanha laughs & proceeds.
Narad muni feels comfortable & talks with prabhu about kanha & incidents safely completed & prabhu replies that yes world is waiting for kanha’s blessings & after him there won’t be any avatar to come in the world. Narad muni also says that he has acquired all powers now & prabhu also says the same & tells narad that now kanha has to over-come 2 more hurdles now.
Gurudev tells kanha that till 4 powers are acquired by you but that is not enough to complete all powers within you so kanha asks that in did not understood & gurudev explains kanha that these powers are still not complete as if any evil acquires these powers then it will help in destructions in this world. Kanha says then this very critical which might lead to evil powerful hence asks gurudev what I have to do for this to save from evil.
Gurudev says that to save this you have to acquire Religious flag together & unless that you can’t become savior of relegions & kanha understands that he has to aquire religious flag now to save all religions from evil power, yes say gurudev.
Here radha prays to god for helping her get brahmadev’s shish to clear the hurdles. In-between radha’s praying some girls shouting to help us free, is heard by radha & falls in confusion & thinks about them being in trouble so goes to see what is happening & gets shocked seeing & talks with them. The girls tells radha that they are in trouble as they can’t take birth due to our life cycle being stopped. We are roaming souls who are stuck for re-birth. Radha says please explain in brief.They tell that the place where we have to be born can’t take birth so our life cycle is stopped so we are shouting for help to free us. Please help they tell radha. Radha falls in confusion & thinks that such kind of hurdles too come in life? She thinks what kind of secret is behind this lets see.
Here kanha & Balarama keep walking & talking to their motive of acquiring religious flag. While talking kanha utters it might be Hanuman ji who can inly have religious flag. Balaram becomes happy & says it will be great to meet hanumanji to take religious flag from him. They proceed happily & fast to meet hanumanji for religious flag.
Narad muni asks prabhu religious flag with hanumanji how can it be, prabhu tell narad that flag can only be with that person who respects & guides religions so it is with hanumanji. Prabhu also tells narad that see hanumanji sitting on malay parbat holding religious flag.
Hanumanji is shown reciting ram siya ram mantra. Narad asks prabhu how hanumanji got religious flag which was with lord Rama. Prabhu tells that it is of those days when my existence was happening as Ram & by my powers I developed religions at that time. When my time came of Maha prasthan then hanumanji came in front of me & I handed that religious flag to hanumanji to take care till shri Krishna avatar immerges.Narad tells prabhu that Krishna avatar time has come to acquire religious flag now.
Kansa understands kanha proceeds to acquire religious flag from hanumanji & he releases a monkey man under his security being jailed since his war with him. Kansa tells to monkey to perform his duties for him & mis-guide kanha & balaram from religious flag to acquire.
Radha shows her mother father about the girls seen by her shouting for help but they can’t see them & mother says to radha where are they & why we should be concerned by their birth so we have to proceed further as our time is running out. But radha says no mother those girls shouting & seen by me is nothing simple. There is some secret behind this incidence. Her mother says there is no such secret or relation about this incidence with you & this is just your dream. But radha’s father tells her mother if radha is insisting on this incidence then there may be some reason so we have to go to village & see what is wrong. Radha’s mother says you both father & daughter behavior I never understand but I only know that my radha’s skin colour should heal & wrong effect on her should also get wipe out. Is this my selfishness asks her mother. Radha replies don’t worry all will be alright & may be this is also one of our exam in this travel. So lets proceed & not to become more late now. We have to see what is happening in this village.
Kanha & balaram hears mantra reciting ram siya ram & walk till that place.
Radha & her father mother reach the village & meet people there asking for stay but they tell them that you both can stay but not radha. They are shocked & ask them why so the tell them in our village no girl is allowed to take birth & if happens then a giant evil takes away that girl from us. So we had pleaded gods to not to give any girl child birth in our village & one of them also gives one example incidence happened with him. But radha insists they will now stay to see what is happening to clear this hurdle as we also fought with such big big evil gaints.Radha also promises to villagers.
Here kanha & balaram see hanumanji reciting the mantra & talk with hanumanji & ask hanumanji to please hand-over religious flag to them. But hanumanji gets angry & tells them it won’t be given to them. Balaram tries to take the flag but get thrashing from hanumanji.
Here radha & her mother father enter into village house & says good house & seeing making sculpture idols asks what they are making then the village people relpies that we have to make girls idols in this clay or we face trouble fron evil giants. So these clays we have to dedicate them. Radha falls in confusion & thinks what kind of enemity is their between this evil gaint & females, have to see so she says that she will take this clay idols to the evil gaints see what they do. Radha’s mother gets bugged & tells radha this won’t happen & you have to do what we say as we do not want life to fall in any kind trouble now.
Balaram starts fight with hanumanji but in between fight kanha smells something fishy due to hanumanji can’t lose fight by balaram.
Radha’s mother & father tells her before taking any such decision why didn’t you think of your life & also what will happen to us as your father mother too. Radha says that you have only taught me to take care of others so that god will take care of us. Her mother says don’t confuse us with your talks but radha says this is the way I see to clear hurdle on me also. Radha’s father asks how is that your hurdle can clear then she relplies that this evil is enemy of girls & my hurdle is also of evil against me. So I feel there is some link with bramhadev of this hurdle. But her mother says that she won’t got to that evil but radha tells her that she never said she will go alone infact you both will accompany me & also villagers & when you as father mother are there with me so who will harm me. Then radha’s father gets convinced & says that if this is the only way out to search brahmadev’s 5th avatar then we will have to jump on this exam field to face the challenge. Radha is happy with this decision of her faqther.
Here when hanumanji loses with fight with Balarama then he is forced to tell the truth & hanumanji utters that he is not original hanuman & he is only a monkey in form who had lost battle with kansa long back & kansa had sent me to mis-guide you both for not getting religious flag. Balarama tells kanha to take the religious flag but kanha replies that when this hanuman is fake then how come this flag is original. Then Balarama asks the monkey where is that original religious flag & he replies that it is with Bajrangbali hanumanji & you have proceed some more ahead & you will fing hanumanji there. Kanha says you are the first monkey who is come cleanly to show us the perfect route.

Precap: Radha takes clay idol to help villagers from evil & walks towards his den, Kanha & Balarama walks towards & hanumanji thinks if the monkey is mis-guiding them again, kanha talks with hanumanji that he has to acquire religious flag from him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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