Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sudhama tells story to daima.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and sudhama telling the daima a story when once sudhama was stuck in deep trouble. Daima says what happened? Sudhama tells story that once, it was purnima’s day and i was in the forest, when i saw some gopi take pots of water with them, as i am a disciple of krishna, i used catapult and stone and broke one of the pots of one gopi and had fun! But the gopi’s went in the village and brought the men and took me back to the village. Sudhama as a young child says i broke a pot because i am the disciple of my prabhu kanha and from bhakti i did this, why did you bring me here? The men says today is purnima’s day and in our village it is a rule that any man who breaks the pot of any of our gopi’s on this day, he shall marry that gopi and make her wife.
Sudhama says i cannot do that, i cannot marry her i just did this out of fun and for bhakti for my prabhu! The men says it is a joyous day today, everyone is happy that we have found a groom so dont spoil it, just marry the gopi. Sudhama is being made ready by the sage, sudhama says please dont force me. The men say be happy, why do you look worried and sad? Sudhama says i am worried and sad becaue you all wont let me go, please let me go i cannot marry her. Sudhama prays to kanha and thinks my prabhu and friend, only you can save me now. Kanha comes in the village and all people do pranam and say kanha what are you doing here? Kanha says he is my friend sudhama, why have you brought him here? Sudhama tells everything that happened and says they wont let me go. The men say it is a rule and ritual of our village so we cannot break it. Sudhama says but i did it out of bhakti for my prabhu. The men say okay, we shall give you a task, you have to prove that you broke the pot out of bhakti towards kanha. You have one day, you have to make a 1000 pots in one day and then we shall let you go. Sudhama says what? That is impossible. The people go. Kanha says sudhama, lets go and start now. Sudhama sits to make pots and says kanha, i dont know what to do! I have never done anything in life other than do your bhakti, i dont know how to make a pot then how will i make a 1000 pots? Kanha says you have to do it sudhama. Kanha goes.
Sudhama says okay, i wont stop! I will do kanha’s bhakti and try what i can. Sudhama tries to rotate the wheel but he cannot make the pots.
Daima says what happened then? Did you make a 1000 pots or marry that gopi? Sudhama says i was in deep trouble and the men laughed at me as they said i couldnt do it in one day, nobody could. Sudhama says but i did my bhakti and continued trying and finally my bhakti proved true and kanha helped me, he showed me a way that to prove that i broke the pot out of bhakti, i could break more pots and also make more pots. Kanha helped sudhama and a 1000 pots were ready by morning and i was saved.
Sudhama and kanha then say daima, we broke the pots out of fun. Kanha breaks one pot of daima and says like this. Kanha and sudhama run and daima runs behind them with a stick. Kanha and sudhama run and they both go in different ways. Kanha is followed by daima and kanha hides behind a tree and daima says where are you? I am not scared of anyone, i will curse you, come out. Kanha says how many more people will you curse? Daima says i have never cursed anyone. Kanha says try and remember. Daima then recalls she cursed hanuman that he would know only lord ram in his life and no avatar of vishnu other than ram. Kanha comes out and says your bhakti was taken away from you and your punya had stopped because you cursed the greatest disciple in the universe, Ram-bhakt hanuman! Kanha then shows his trye form of lord krishna and daima has tears and she asks for forgiveness and says i made a mistake prabhu, i did your bhakti all my life and i was puzzled why it was taken away from me, give it back to me prabhu! Kanha says there is only one way, you have to free hanuman of your curse and you will get back your bhakti. Daima says i will do anything to free hanuman ji of my curse.

Precap: Krishna tells daima a way of removing hanuman’s curse. Sudhama says he has to leave dwarka. Kanha says i am sad because of you sudhama, you have created a problem for me. Sudhama says what have i done?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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