Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa summons kalkey.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa calling kalkey in sutal lok. Kalkey appears as a huge powerful demon made of fire. Bhadraksh is scared and says bhagwan you know I am scared of fire. Kalkey says who called me? kansa says it is me bhagwan kansa, i have come here to bring an offer so that we both kill that Vishnu and have revenge, Vishnu took everything from you in his matsya avatar. Kalkey says but that is not possible, I don’t have a body and I cannot go from sutal lok now. kansa says kalkey, Vishnu took everything from you and now he is after me too, he has taken another avatar in this yug to kill me, you can kill him and take revenge. Kalkey says kansa, it is impossible because I cannot go back to earth. Kansa says I am here to help you because only you can help me. kansa then calls

bhadraksh. Bhadraksh gets scared and says bhagwan I am scared of fire.
Kansa says come here now. bhadraksh goes near kansa. Kansa gives him his sword and says bhadraksh you have a golden chance, take this sword and cut me in half. Bhadraksh says what? No bhagwan then I wont have you. kansa says just do it bhadraksh otherwise I have to kil you. bhadraksh closes his eyes and he cuts kansa’s body in half. The left half stands away and kansa uses his left hand and completes his body, kansa gives the other half to kalkey and says come on kalkey take my body and live in it, your powers shall become 10 times the powers that you have now, kill kanha.
In vrindavan, everyone do the Pooja of the Shakti peeth sthapna and gargacharya says all the ingredients and items are here for the Pooja now. kanha says yes guru, lets start. Rishi gargacharya starts saying the prayers and mantras and all rituals! He says agni dev please appear, the kund starts burning and after some time the Pooja is done. Balram says guru, why is the agni kund burned? It creates pollution. Rishi says no balram, this smoke has the good things in it that clean the air of our world, that is why yagya’s are done!
Kansa and kalkey are on a tall mountain and kalkey says now I will bring a great flood to vrindavan and destroy everyone and kill that kanha. Kansa says yes, as I expected.
Kalkey starts rain over vrindavan. The people all start dancing as the rain comes, kanha and everyone dance and say yes it is raining! All people sing and dance together. Kalkey says now these people will soon die and that kid kanha, he will die too. All people continue to dance in vrindavan and as everyone sing and dance, kanha and radha dance and then finally they thank god for the rain over vrindavan.
Kanha then is near the cow shed and he sees the dangerous lightning. Kanha says I sense some danger. The cows then start mooing and kanha says mother always says that before humans animals sense danger and I feel something is wrong for sure. Kanha then sees a lighting bolt falling towards the cow shed. Kanha says I have to save them, kanha jumps on the roof of the shed and he holds the lighting thrown by kalkey, he takes it and throws it back in the sky. Kanha then jumps down and says a demon is here somewhere, I have to go to rishi gargacharya. Kanha goes.

Precap: rishi gargacharya sees the water and says this rain is no normal rain, some powerful demon has defeated varun dev and taken control of rain, it is not stopping. Kanha is worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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