Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update: COws and children of gokul disappear.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rahu as nand saying kanha you are a small child, you don’t understand all this so you don’t try to teach me what to do as we all have to change our thinking. Kanha says but baba we all should not bend towards kansa because he is iniquity and the people whose thoughts change follow adharma not dharma, the people who follow dharma do not change their minds. People start agreeing with kanha. Nand says kanha you don’t understand, kansa has made an aakash vani and he will kill everyone, no one will help us so we should ask help from him. kanha says father we don’t need to do that, when we have lord Vishnu with us for protection then we don’t need kansa to protect us because kansa follows adharma, this he is doing because he is scared, he must have thought of scaring everyone because he himself is living in fear. Damodar says yes nand baba, kanha is right, we all will not bend and be scared from kansa, we will fight him. people say yes. Nand thinks this kid becoming a trouble.
There kansa sees the man on the horse and says I will kill you, this must be vishnu’s plan to scare me. Kansa takes his sword and says oh wait, you are headless how will I kill you? suddenly the man’s head appears and kansa says wait. The man goes ahead on his horse and kansa follows him. man goes outside palace. Kansa says where did you go? I will kill you. the man is no other than kansa but in a different form.
There nand says people, we have to accept maharaj kansa as he has done an aakashvani. Kanha says father, mother says those who are scared they say from behind and don’t face their fear. Kanha says if kansa wanted to kill everyone then he would have straight away come and attacked everyone but he didn’t and instead to scare everyone he did kansa vani. People say kanha Is right, we have decided that we will fight kansa and not support him. everyone go. kanha goes and thinks I convinced everyone but what happened to baba? Why is he acting like this? It feels like baba is someone else. Rahu thinks this kid is small but convinced everyone, I think he is Vishnu, on the night of Amavasya I will know the truth as kansa will kill everyone.
Next day, all people of gokul are crying. Kanha comes with yashoda and balram. Everyone say kanha do something our cows and children have gone, someone has taken our children and all our cows, please help us. Kanha is shocked and says how did this happen in gokul? Brij bhanu comes and says not only in gokul kanha but all over brij mandal, and I know kansa has only done this, it is his plan. Kanha says people of gokul don’t be scared, I promise you I will go and find all your cows and your children and my friends too. Balram says kanha I will come too. Kanha says okay, radha says I will also come. Kanha balram and radha go. everyone is worried and crying and they go to nand.
Rahu as nand says I told you people, you all wanted to follow dharma and defeat adharma, now see the defeat? Nand says I am telling you, we have to accept maharaj kansa. Brij bhanu says friend nand, you are saying the same thing again, we all have decided not to support kansa but fight him, why don’t you do the same? nand says people tell me, when you all were giving tax to maharaj kansa and milk and butter, that time did kansa ever hurt our cows or children? People say no. nand says then we have to continue doing the same. brij bhanu says nand yesterday kanha made everyone understand what dharma is, you are again telling the people to support kansa. Kansa says then what to do? Wait until we see the dead bodies of the cows and children? People are scared and cry and say nand baba we have to do what you say. nand says do as you want and he goes. Rahu thinks now everything will flow in a normal manner for kansa.
Brij bhanu thinks this man is not my friend nand, I am sure now because I have seen him for many days and he is always supporting kansa. Brij bhanu thinks nand always respects everyone’s opinion and he would have never scolded kanha, my friend nand does not support adharma and he would better die than doing that, this man is making everyone support adharma. I am sure he is not my friend nand but someone in nand’s disguise as he also threw narayana’s Prasad and nand would never do that.
Nand is in kansa’s dead body room, he is tied and says prabhu please protect gokul and my family, that rahu has taken my form and gods knows what he must have done in gokul.
There kanha is with radha and balram and and says we have to find everyone as soon as we can. Kanha says brother you and radha go that side and I will go the other side and we will meet up at the river. Kanha says radha you stay with brother otherwise it may happen that you get lost and we have to find you. kanha laughs.
Brij bhanu tells yashoda at home that Bhabhi, I am pretty sure this man who is nand is not my friend nand but someone in disguise. Yashoda says what? No I doubted first when nand ji came back to gokul but he is nand ji only. Brij bhanu says no I am sure he is not nand. Yashoda says how are sure? Brij bhanu says everything how nand is supporting kansa. Brij bhanu says nand threw the Prasad of lord Vishnu and my friend nand would never do that, he is not friend nand. Yashoda is shocked and has tears.
Kanha, radha and balram come to the river and then balram says kanha what are you doing here looking here and there? Kanha says I am examining this place as I see some marks. Radha sees and says they seem to be marks of a giant snake going from here. kanha says yes I am thinking the same, a giant snake so big has gone from here? kanha says I am sure, what kansa has done and the missing cows and children and this snake are connected. Radha laughs and says kanha what do you mean to say? that the cows and all children are in the stomach of a snake? Balram says come on kanha leave that lets go ahead. Kanha thinks maybe radha you gave me the answer, maybe the snake is a demon.

Precap: brij bhanu says to yashoda, all these events are connected and kansa is its culprit. All cows and children are in the stomach of a demon snake. Kansa is sitting near a river and says my friend, the demon of demons, you helped me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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