Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha takes his divya form.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone saying kanha tell us who are you? Kanha says okay mother yashoda, I will tell you who I am. Kanha plays the flute and then he suddenly becomes very huge in size, he takes his divya form as he plays the flute and lord Vishnu stands behind him in a larger size. All people see and they are amazed, they all join hands and do pranam to lord Vishnu. Yashoda has tears as she sees the truth. Brahman dev and all rishi’s are grateful for lord vishnu’s darshan and after seeing kanha’s truth, they all dance to shree Krishna govind hare murari! Suddenly all the people of vrindavan fall down and sleep and forget everything. The rishi’s and brahman dev continue to dance. Kanha becomes normal sized and he stops playing the flute. Rishi and brahman dev say prabhu we are so lucky as we got your darshan, you have made us pure completely. Kanha blesses them and the rishi’s go dancing from vrindavan.
As kanha sees everyone, all people wake up and say what happened here? Everyone look at kanha. Radha says where did the rishi’s go? Kanha says they went as they saw the truth and accepted it. People say but what happened here? How did we all fall asleep here? We don’t even remember anything. Yashoda says yes, something happened here. Radha says kanha, tell the truth. Kanha says mother, I don’t have the answers to this gopi’s questions, please tell her to stay quiet. Kanha says anyway, lets do our work. All people go for their daily work. Nand says to brij bhanu, it feels like he woke up after ages. Brij bhanu says yes I feel the same and it feels like we know something and it has been established deep inside our minds but that thing is not known right now and when the right day comes, we will know that we already knew it. Nand says yes. Kanha says to yashoda, mother I am hungry, you came here to find me, you have found me now, lets go home, feed me butter.
There kansa is with mata dhara in kansa lok, he says you will tell me the truth of vishnu’s form on earth and who that child is. Mata dhara says to kansa, no way at all kansa, I will never tell you who lord Vishnu is on earth, he is my son and I will not tell you, even if I tell you, you wont be able to do anything to prabhu Vishnu. Kansa traps dhara into a powerful spell trap tied around her. Mata dhara says kansa you brought me forcefully in your lok and you think you can bring any answer out of me? Kansa says yes mata, see even I am your child so I just want the identity of your other child. Mata dhara says kansa I wont tell you anything. Kansa gets angry and says Vishnu you cheater, I will get the answer anyhow. Kansa tells his demon spirits to use their power on mata dhara. The shadow spirits enter mata dhara. Mata dhara says what are you doing kansa? You cannot control my motherly love, you cannot diminish my mamta, the spirits enter mata dhara’s body and change her into a rude woman.
There kanha and yashoda are at home and yashoda feeds butter to kanha. Kanha says mother the butter is not tasting like always, it is not tasting good today. Yashoda says what? I am the same mother and the butter is the same, just keep quiet and eat it kanha. Kanha says mother if there is no love in it and no taste then what is the point of eating it? Yashoda gets angry and says okay then, I will show you my love now. Yashoda gets up and smashes the earthen plate into the ground, kanha is shocked and nand, brij bhanu, kirti, radha all get up shocked. Yashoda gets angry.

Precap: Yashoda takes a stick and smashes all pots of butter in their house and says from today there will be no butter made in this house. Kanha thinks mother doesn’t act like this ever, what has happened to her?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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