Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update – Radha curses Sudama


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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with villagers are talking about sudama who is so devoted to Krishna who itself must be understanding his such a situation of life.
The dwaj borhters are telling Krishna that you are wrong to decide about sudama as your ultimate shiromany & you are neglecting us only for sake of poor man so Krishna explains them that you devoted for some wish but sudama has no wish for himself except my devotion but they are again arguing with Krishna that we had performed our devotion with full dedication then too you are making us feel we are zero so Krishna says I did not said your devotion is zero but I only said your devotion is less than sudama & they all challenge Krishna against sudama in devotion that he will finally leave devoting for you so Krishna replies

you are really stubborn devotees but I accept as you are & they pray Krishna & leave.
Sudama’s children’s are studying as their mother listens to them & they say that father will bring us lot of eatables today so mother curses saying as you feel your father is a big maharaja.
Sudama arrives at his home & kids are very happy saying father has brought something now for us so he says that I have lot of things today for all of you so they become eager to see & he is telling his wife to come & see what krishna has given today so she comes to see & finds only little things which cannot be enough for a day’s food too so she shouts him as he explains her what ever Krishna gives we should accept as he will look after us definitely.
She shouts but gives him Prasad for Krishna to perform Pooja & he sits in front of krishna’s statue talking with him explaining about his wife getting angry but she also has love for you that’s why she prepared this Prasad for you so please accept this Prasad & sudama is performing Pooja for Krishna. As he puts Prasad on the mouth of Krishna’s statue, Krishna in also in his devotion & gets his Prasad so he says your love is ultimate so this is more than anything for me because you make me pure with your Prasad & he eats his Prasad feeling pure.
Krishna is also explaining about this world which must be thinking how much I am attracted towards sudama’s devotion but I did not give him award of his devotion. He is explaining about the past story of sudama with him.
There was at the time in devlok where he use to sing prayers for Krishna as Krishna use to be in his devotion of prayers while Radha seeing this gets jealous & she says I will also show I too love my prabhu more than dama & she wakes Krishna so he says to sit near him & she says I will sit only after I attract you towards me better than dama & she dances for Krishna singing song but sudama also prays & he again gets attracted for him. Krishna, Radha & sudama are attracting each other. Radha sees Krishna looking at sudama & as she tries to close his eyes Krishna tells her to please forgive me as sudama’s devotion is calling me. As he goes, Radha gets angry saying this is wrong but I will definitely punish sudama.
Krishna sits with sudama & he is providing butter which is prepared by so many bullocks milk & he tells Krishna to have this & krishna haves little but tells him you are so ultimate that if I have small amount also I feel I am blessed but he tells him to also give it to radha as she also must be waiting & as sudama goes to offer radha while her maids are instigation towards sudama but as sudama comes she feels surprised & he tells her this butter which is also tasted by Krishna, has been brought for you too so she shouts him saying how come you can do this as don’t you know when one god has been offered then same should not be offered to another god so he tells her I only know devotion & whatever offered towards god the god accepts it.
Radha shouts at sudama saying do you think your devotion is bigger than my love for Krishna so he tells her I never thought that as I only know my devotion is my devotion so radha explains him saying empty stomach does not get filled by only devotion so he replies to forgive me but I can’t leave my devotion so she gets angry giving him curse saying you will always be poor in your life & you will come out from your gaulok. He prays but goes to krishna saying that I am not feeling bad about mata radha but I am feeling depressed that I have to go away from you. Krishna calms him but tells him that I will take avatar in human generation where you will definitely meet me so he gets very happy saying you do such a great thing for your devotee.
Krishna tells statue of sudama that it is because of you also I had to take this avatar too but I am helpless to reduce you from the curse of devi radha but I will definitely search the way out to release you from this curse.

Precap: Sudama’s wife tells him once you ask help from your god krishna whom you devote yourself so much then all our problems will be solved but sudama replies that we should not expect anything towards devotion. Krishna says once you come to dwarka then all your problems will get resolved.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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