Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha prays to brahma dev.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram telling kanha, killing balhuk is difficult. Kanha says such words don’t feel right from your mouth brother, before losing you are accepting defeat. Balram says no, I did not accept defeat kanha but in ashva lok, apart from balhuk and his brothers there are no half men and half horses. We cannot go out from ashva lok and find anyone too. Kanha says in this universe, there is nothing impossible brother and if we try, we can succeed. Balram says there is no problem in trying but at least we should know in which direction. Kanha says brahma dev has recited this world and he is the one who gave all beings their purpose, so he may know what we can do. Kanha says and a god never ignores his disciple’s calls, so brahma dev will guide us. balram says come on kanha, we will pray to brahma dev, we will ask him the answer to our question. Balram says we will pray to him from different locations kanha, not together. Kanha says okay and starts praying, balram goes.
The rishi kumars say wait balhuk, we don’t need your Pooja and aarti. Balhuk says you are the universe’s symbols of devotion and its power, don’t insult me like this. Anyway, this is your last respect you will get so take it with love. Balhuk goes and he does the aarti and Pooja of the rishi kumars, balhuk then says now we will start the Pooja for taking your powers and rishi kumars you will recite the gyan mantras while I will recite the Shakti mantras, we will gain your knowledge and after that the devotion will be ended from the universe. Balhuk laughs. rishi kumars say, you will be ended balhuk, not devotion. A soldier comes and says maharaj, both the kids have become fine and healthy, they are plotting against you maharaj and Maharani has helped them in this. Balhuk says let them do whatever they want, I have the boon of brahma dev. Soldier says this is the problem to be worried about king, these kids have planned to take a form such as yours. Balhuk says they are fools, they are wasting their time, because there is no one like me in the universe, rishi kumars warn balhuk again and say leave the path of adharma and listen to us balhuk. Balhuk says why should i? rishi kumars say because those 2 kids are not any normal kids, they are divine children and they are the avatar of Lord Vishnu, the creator and protector of this universe. Balhuk, they are lord vishnu’s avatar, the lord Vishnu whose you are a disciple of and whom you have prayed and meditated for life. One of them, is the peacock feather holder, the purn avatar of lord Vishnu, Paramavatar Shri Krishna! and other is Bal ke dham, the holder of strength, bravery and power, Balaram. Rishi kumar say ask forgiveness from them, prabhu vishnu’s is open-hearted and he is very kind, he will forgive you. balhuk says, they wont give me salvation, I will give this universe salvation by becoming its ruler.
Balhuk tells his brothers and other soldiers to prepare for the Pooja of Shakti mantra and of rishi kumar for the next day, after that he will rule the universe as devotion shall end.
Kansa is with bhadraksh. Bhadraksh tells kansa, laxmi is not in vaikunth and she has left kshir sagar and come on earth, she resided deep in the snowy mountains in a cave, Vishnu ha gone in dhyan lok so this is the perfect time to take laxmi in Mathura. kansa says yes, I will marry her and be laxmi-pati.
Radha comes back to brij mandal but her skin color turns dark because of ratnakar. Radha walks through the village and people look at her with disgust as they say how did she turn black? Radha understands the discrimination between people based on color and race, she is sad and starts walking back to barsana to her house.

Precap: Kansa brings laxmi to Mathura. radha takes mata kali avatar and goes to save devi laxmi. kanha tries to focus on praying to brahma dev, but is unable to pray as balhuk has taken the powers of 2 of the rishi kumars and devotion is fading in the universe.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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