Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Krishna welcomes rishi durvasa

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishivar sleeping silently while devi Rukmini & jamwanti are shaking fan for him & Krishna is watching gladly. As he wakes up Krishna asks him did you slept nicely so he replies yes as he is happy with it. Rukmini asks rishi how you feel so he says good but I wish to eat food more as I was happy of food last night. Rukmini & jamwanti fall in confusion how to prepare food for him while Krishna plays trick & rishi gets happy eating food so rishi tells him to show him his place & Krishna arranges for him.
Gurudev explains gods how prabhu Krishna plans against rishi’s plans to get implemented.
Krishna tells his people to take rishivar with palkhi to show our place & he thinks of planning against how these people would find difficulty to lift this palkhi & people are unable to lift the palkhi so he warns of if this does not happen then I’ll curse you so Krishna helps them lifting the palkhi & rishi is happy while asks if you need help tell me so Krishna replies him of no need as I am compatible. They are moving while rishi is thinking that I understand that I am doing wrong against you prabhu but I have to do this to make you free from all.
They reach palace & rishi tells him that now I’ll rest while rukmini sees blood coming out form krishna’s feet so she tells him that I need to wash your feet then Krishna explains her that it’s of no need as this is nothing to serve such big rishi’s hospitality. Rishi is thinking emotionally about his prabhu Krishna.
Rukmini gets concerned & talks with Krishna about why rishi is harassing us this way then he explains her about such incidents come in life & also must be some rishi’s motive for this.
Krishna tells jamwanti that you must have faced trouble for this & she replies saying I am not at all affected because I am born to serve you then Rukmini says because of your such talks prabhu is loosened in his attitude & Krishna tells jamwanti to look about rishi & as she sees & returns she informs Krishna that rishivar has created fire around palace near himself & Krishna goes to see & asks him why have you done this so he tells him you too face this & Krishna sits near fire while Rukmini comes asking what is this happening so rishi is telling her I am trying to get burnt in this fire due to my anger while Krishna signals her. Rukmini also sits near the fire.
Rishi tells Rukmini I am impressed by your hospitality & nobody has done this before but I wish to eat sweet made by your hands & she gets confused also looking towards Krishna & he signals.
Gurudev explains gods how a guest creates his own fate while prabhu is turning his mind-set with his powers & they accept guru’s explanation.
Rukmini comes to give sweet to rishivar & he fells contended & he asks her where is dwarkadhish so she tells him he is having bath & says that I itself have to give this to him & he goes while Rukmini thinks he must not create some new problem now.

Precap: Rishi says what you did dwarkadhish as you used all this sweet on your body & left feet open so he says I did not notice. Rishi pleads Krishna while he explains him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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