Papa By Chance 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Principal warns Yuvaan

Papa By Chance 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan telling Amrit that Dhoni has taken beer can thinking its a surprise instead chocolate. She asks what, you are careless. He asks her to help. She says I have to do my job, I m no getting my sketch. He gets the sketch and hides it. He says that sketch is also with Dhoni, think now, you have to come with me if you want to save job. She agrees. Suchi signs divorce papers. She wants to meet Yuvaan. A lady comes from account dept. She says 35 crores are less in accounts, its some insider. Suchi says impossible, Harman checks all the accounts. She recalls Yuvaan’s words.

Principal gives a ten min break to everyone. Dhoni says I will drink orange juice. The can falls. Principal goes to pick. Yuvaan and Amrit look on. Amrit stops principal. She starts praising the principal.

She wishes him happy teachers day. She kicks the can. She makes principal sing. She signs Yuvaan. He picks the can and runs. Principal says Amrit came this way and left, something is wrong. Suchi calls Harman. He says I will take you for dinner and make your mood better. Suchi says no, I need a break, I m going to US, I hope you understand. She thinks to check about the accounts scam. She says I can’t let Harman cheat me this way. She sees Yuvaan’s pic and sorry, its not in my fate to get you home now. Yuvaan and Amrit hide.

He gives her sketch. She says liar and beats him. He sees her childhood pic and laughs. He jokes and asks did you not have your friend. She says I had the doll with your name, since you weren’t there. He calls you sweet. She says I was prepared and waited for you, I made plans, but you didn’t come, I got to know your family doesn’t want to keep relation with us, so I have torn the doll. He asks her to say sorry. Principal comes and sees them. Yuvaan hides the can. Principal says so this was your plan, what’s happening. Yuvaan says I was missing kids a lot and came to see them once. Principal says this is not a park, but school, my eyes will always be with you. He warns Yuvaan and Amrit also. They leave. Amrit gets upset and scolds Yuvaan. Kids come home. Yuvaan gets to see Ullu’s tied hairs. The boys tease Ullu. Ullu gets angry and goes to beat them. Yuvaan catches Ullu. He makes him drink water.

Ullu says they are teasing me, Sir is bad, my hair are long, Sir tied me pony. Yuvaan says its fashion. Kashvi comes to talk to Yuvaan. He asks what happened. She says Naina has preponed court case, you don’t have six months, you just have six weeks. Yuvaan gets glad and says I will make Harman lose. She says there is less time to prove yourself. He says kids will give statement in my favor. Ullu says I can’t sit in class with pony. Yuvaan says I have a solution. He runs after Ullu. Bela asks what happened. Yuvaan catches Ullu and says give me this hair. Gungun comes and stops Yuvaan. Ullu cries and says don’t cut my hair. Bela says mum liked his long hair and told he is Kanha. Ullu says yes, mom is still seeing me. Yuvaan says you made me senti, I will not cut your hair, don’t cry. Dhoni thanks him and says mum will be happy. Gungun says what if Principal suspects him. Yuvaan says let me think of something. Ullu comes to Principal. Principal asks why didn’t you cut your hair. Yuvaan comes and says what’s the problem with Ullu’s long hair, he is following famous people. He shows pictures of Shiv, Kanha, Abdul Kalam, Chanakya.

He says rules can’t be same for everyone, if girl comes with short hair, will you ask her to grow long hair, you should teach them equality, you don’t encourage kids to make fun of Ullu. Teachers clap for Yuvaan. Principal says stop it, hygiene is necessary. Yuvaan says my kids are neat and clean. Dhoni says I m getting itching. Principal asks did you wash their uniforms, a single dad can’t raise kids, take them now, send them tomorrow. Yuvaan says fine, I will arrange new uniforms. Principal warns him again. Yuvaan worries.

Yuvaan asks where is washing machine. Amrit shows the bucket. A guy takes video of Amrit. Yuvaan sees this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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