Papa By Chance 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gungun meets Suchi

Papa By Chance 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan taking guard’s help and getting Ullu out of the lift. He asks Ullu to get up. Principal comes and sees them. Ullu gets conscious. Yuvaan worries for him. Principal says my opinion about you was right. He scolds Yuvaan for cheating and sending kids to school, what if anything happened to kids. He says its not easy to raise kids, their future won’t be good. Yuvaan says I m trying to give them a good life, they were like animals living in orphanage, none can see my good intention, you just see my wrong way, mistakes happen, I m a single man, I want to raise kids, does anyone know my situation, if not, give a chance to their childhood. People clap. The people ask principal to give admission to kids. Principal agrees to give them admission. Yuvaan and kids thank him.


home, Yuvaan takes care of Ullu. He says his fever isn’t getting less. Amrit comes and looks on. Yuvaan asks Ullu to get up and have food. He says Amrit, his fever isn’t getting less. She says medicines will take time to affect. Yuvaan says this happened because of me, I can’t take care of them. He hits his hand. Amrit stops him from hurting himself. He says I told Kashvi that I can’t use the kids to win the case, dad wanted me to learn responsibility, I don’t know what’s happening. Gungun comes. Amrit says you are also growing up, you are feeling this fear and worry, which parents feel for their children. He says if Ullu doesn’t get conscious, I will be restless, I m missing mom, when I returned home late, she used to wait for me.

Amrit hugs him and says everything will get fine. Gungun thinks he is missing his mum, I will tell her how much he misses her. Its morning, Yuvaan and Amrit sleep near Ullu. Amrit gets up to leave. Yuvaan wakes up and asks didn’t you go to your room to sleep. She says no, I came to see Ullu. Ullu wakes up and coughs. Yuvaan asks are you fine. Ullu says I want to see cartoon. Yuvaan smiles and says fine, eat food and become strong. Ullu says yes, I didn’t break my promise. Yuvaan says sorry, you have permission to beat me, come on beat me. He closes eyes. Ullu pulls his cheeks and says I will not leave you next time. Dhoni wakes up and hugs Ullu. Yuvaan asks where is Gungun. Amrit says sorry, I forgot, there is puja at home, maybe Gungun is helping Bela, get ready and come for puja.

Suchi prays for Yuvaan. Harman comes and says you didn’t say you kept puja at home. He thinks what is she thinking. Suchi thinks I will give divorce to Harman if I can get my son back. She prays for courage to tell this to Harman after puja. Kids come for puja. Gungun comes and prays. She thinks I have to tell Suchi that Yuvaan misses her a lot. Bela gives prasad to everyone. She ties them mauli and says I have to rush to go for singing in pandal. Yuvaan asks where is Gungun. Suchi washes girl’s feet and does rituals. She sees one girl missing and asks servant. She says my puja will get incomplete. Harman says I will get the girl to complete your puja. Gungun sees him and recalls. She hides from Harman. Suchi gets her for puja. She goes to check food. Everyone looks for Gungun and worries. Naina comes and says you won’t get the child custody, you failed in fulfilling your responsibility, the kids can’t live with you now. Yuvaan gets shocked.

Naina takes kids with her. Yuvaan stops Naina. Naina asks the men to catch Gungun. Suchi comes and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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