Papa By Chance 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman lands in jail

Papa By Chance 3rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the judge saying you are disgusting, you can never change. Yuvaan tries to explain her. He says I didn’t ignite fire in the house, the kids did this. She asks who are the kids. Aashvi says the kids are of Chatwals, who died in accident, Yuvaan couldn’t see them in orphanage. Judge asks will Yuvaan manage kids, isn’t he ashamed to make kids work. Aashvi says trust me, Yuvaan is treating, you don’t know the state of kids, Yuvaan faces a lot. Judge says send the kids to orphanage, inspector you inform me, I will send child labor warrant to arrest Yuvaan. She goes. Yuvaan asks why did she come now. Aashvi sees Harman here and shows Yuvaan.

Judge thanks Harman for alerting her about kids. Harman does a drama. Yuvaan says I won’t leave him. Judge says don’t

worry for kids, they will reach orphanage today, its waste to give time to Yuvaan, I will try to pass sentence soon, Yuvaan goes to hit Harman. They argue. Kids look on. Harman says I have an offer, take money from me and start a small business, your life will be set. Aashvi says I won’t let Yuvaan lose this case. Yuvaan says wait, I need money right now, I can’t tolerate the kids for long. Harman says you got sensible. Yuvaan says I have a condition. He asks Harman to eat chillies. Harman asks will you sign if I eat chillies. Yuvaan says sure. Harman eats chillies and shouts. He asks for water. Yuvaan asks him to finish all chillies. Harman eats all chillies and says now sign the papers. Yuvaan tears the papers.

Harman gets angry on him. Yuvaan fights. Gungun asks who was that uncle. Aashvu asks her why didn’t she think about Dhoni. They apologize. Ullu says there is less money. Yuvaan scolds him. Dhoni asks about his parents. Gungun lies to him. Yuvaan takes Dhoni in arms and lies to him. Yuvaan comes to police station and gets inside the lockup. He says I have done big crimes, this is my place. Aashvi comes and asks what are you doing inside. Inspector asks Yuvaan to go out. Yuvaan says I m here now, go and manage kids. The kids come. Yuvaan says if you are hungry, go and have food. They eat inspector’s food. Inspector gets troubled. The kids eat food. Yuvaan smiles. Gungun scolds the inspector. Ullu also irritates more. Inspector shouts get out. Yuvaan laughs. Dhoni falls down. Yuvaan worries. Gungun asks inspector not to raise hand on them. Ullu says I will take revenge. Yuvaan thinks now they will know its tough to raise them.

The kids ask about Chatwal’s accident. Inspector asks Yuvaan to answer them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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