Papa By Chance 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan scolds the kids

Papa By Chance 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan saying this place is set. Bantu says I can help you with few things. Aashvi thanks him. Gungun says there is no water. Ullu says we won’t stay here. Aashvi says house will look good when its cleaned. Jagrata happens in locality. Dhoni says we should go and pray, Mata Rani hears kids prayers. Dhoni runs and prays. Gungun cries. Amrit says if I get Yuvaan, I will take him to Sir and get a good job, I have reached Dharamshala for Jagrata. She sees Yuvaan shifting the mattress and helps him. Yuvaan asks her not to help. She insists. He says I m impressed, your hands are lovely, you will be pretty.

She asks him why is he flirting, cheap people should be pinched. She pinches him and goes. He falls down. Aashvi says kids aren’t at home. They check at Jagrata. Yuvaan sees Dhoni dancing and says he will make us fall in trouble. Kids get angry on the ladies. Yuvaan catches them and takes them away. Amrit cares for her mum. Yuvaan scolds the kids. He asks them not to move without his permission. Ullu goes to hit him and bumps into mattress, which falls on Amrit’s mum. Amrit sees her mum and helps again. Yuvaan locks the kids. Aashvi says the kids lost their mom and dad, show some patience. Yuvaan says I lost my dad, I didn’t become wild like them. She says you had your mum, a house. Aashvi calls Yuvaan a kid too. Bantu cleans the house. Yuvaan goes.

Amrit comes there to scold him. They both have faces covered and argue. He calls her angry young woman. She says you cheap loafer. Jo mai jaanti….plays…. They remove the cloth from their faces. He jokes. She leaves. Bantu comes home. Suchi cooks food and misses Yuvaan. Bantu says don’t worry, he will be fine. He asks shall I take this food to give to servants. She agrees. He thanks her. She says take food for Yuvaan, I know everything, no need to say anything. She thinks Yuvaan doesn’t want to see my face, its enough if he eats this food prepared by me. Kids talk. Gungun gets an idea.

Yuvaan sees the fire and asks Bantu to get water. Kids run out. Dhoni gets trapped in fire.

Update Credit to: Amena

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