Papa By Chance 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan fails to convince Naina

Papa By Chance 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan asking the girl to listen to him, he is working hard for the kids. The girl scolds him for having kids. She learns how he is getting money by showing his abs. She says shame on you, court will snatch the custody from you. She leaves. Amrit laughs. Yuvaan asks her to help. Amrit says this happened because of you, you have to handle this. Kashvi says court will never grant you custody. She leaves. Yuvaan asks Amrit to listen. The kids worry that they will go orphanage. They ask Amrit to help them and save them from going to orphanage.

Amrit gets emotional. She joins them. Yuvaan, Amrit and kids make a plan. They don’t tell Kashvi. Amrit says but I can’t do this. Kids convince her. Yuvaan goes to welfare officer and apologizes. She gets angry on him and eats

food. He says please Naina. She says thank God, you remember my name, I felt so bad that day. She scolds him for running away from the club. He says I had to run away as I was in love with you, I was scared of heartbreak and ran away. She asks really, were you in love with me. Amrit says how can he be so mean. Kashvi says he is acting well. Amrit says yes, I can see.

Yuvaan says I couldn’t break your heart. Naina stops him. She says I can’t help you and kids, you can’t take their responsibility. He says fine, as you wish. The kids ask Amrit to help. Amrit takes disguise and goes to Yuvaan. She lies that she has five kids, Yuvaan gives them food and money to help. Yuvaan says its my duty. Naina asks what’s your connection with her. Yuvaan says humanity, I can’t see poverty, I earn money for myself and poor people. Amrit asks him to give some money for this month. Yuvaan says I will give it in evening. She insists and takes money from him. She goes. Naina says you really changed. Yuvaan says just because of these kids. Naina says kids got a good guardian, they will learn good values from you. He thanks her and hugs, calling her Maya. She says my name is Naina, it means this was a drama, I knew it, you can never change, forget the custody now. She goes. Kids get upset. Yuvaan says yes, its my mistake. Kashvi says don’t lose courage, we have to stop Naina.

Bela comes to pacify Yuvaan. She says even your dad fought with many problems. Yuvaan says dad had mom with him, who is with me to support. Amrit says I m with you to remind you are useless. They feel bad for kids. Amrit gives ideas to Yuvaan, while talking to Bela. Yuvaan thanks her for idea. He says I know why you came in my life, you were my best friend and will always be my best friend. He kisses and hugs her. She gets stunned.

Kids read Yuvaan’s plan. Yuvaan takes them to school for admission.

Update Credit to: Amena

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