Papa By Chance 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan hides the accident truth

Papa By Chance 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan saying all the kids are so dangerous. Gungun asks Yuvaan to have some manners while talking to kids. Dhoni pours ketchup on Yuvaan. Ullu also scolds him. Yuvaan cleans his face and goes. The girl comes to Shehnai stores. She sees Yuvaan’s pic and jokes. A photo frames. Harman says I shouldn’t see his pics here, throw his pics out. He asks are you new here, why do I feel I have seen you before. He talks to his staff. He speaks against Yuvaan and says I m helpless to end my ties with Yuvaan, if anyone gets loyal to him, they will lose job. The girl says its best punishment for Yuvaan. Aashvi says they are kids, they will learn seeing your behavior. Kids hide and see them. Gungun says who is he, how can dad have friendship with him. Yuvaan says I m not their parents, but a guardian. Aashvi says its more challenging. He says its a temporary arrangement, Bantu will handle them.

Aashvi says I told you before this won’t be easy, you have to work hard to prove yourself. He hits head on pillar. Kids look on. Gungun says if he doesn’t like us, why are they taking us along, we will bear him for few days. Dhoni asks will mum and dad come till then. Gungun says they will take some time to come. Yuvaan says lets go home now. He agrees to gungun’s conditions. Dhoni sees his parent’s pic in newspaper and asks gungun to see. Yuvaan and Aashvi worry. Dhoni asks someone to read the news. Gungun lies to Dhoni. She cries and goes. Aashvi stops Dhoni. Gungun and Ullu cry that Dhoni can’t tolerate this sorrow. Yuvaan sees them and cries. He asks them to lighten their burden. Gungun says you didn’t lose your parents, why are you sad, you can never understand our pain. Yuvaan pays the bill by card. The man says the card is declined. Yuvaan says how can this happen. Aashvi says relax, I will pay the cash.

She pays the bill. Yuvaan comes home and shouts to Harman. Guards hold him. Suchi comes. Yuvaan asks how dare Harman block my cards. She says I did this. Kids stay outside. Aashvi says Yuvaan will take you all inside. Dhoni runs inside. Yuvaan asks why did you do this, I m going to get my other cards. She says its no use, I m doing this to reform you, these comforts have spoiled you. She cries. Harman comes and asks Yuvaan to stay away from Suchi. He acts. Gungun asks Aashvi about Yuvaan’s full name to search on internet. Aashvi stops Gungun. Yuvaan scolds Harman. Ullu says Yuvaan is really a devil.

Harman says what has Yuvaan planned, find out. A man sees Yuvaan and follows.

Update Credit to: Amena

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