Papa By Chance 27th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Amrit celebrates Karwachauth

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Papa By Chance 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Genie lying to Yuvaan about fasting for him. Bela and Amrit call her a liar. Yuvaan asks Amrit to not trouble Genie. He thanks Genia for keeping fast for him. He says we shall leave from here, many people have problem with our love here. Amrit gets angry. Dhoni asks what’s the matter. Bela says Amrit has fallen in love with Yuvaan. Kids smile. Yuvaan hits his hand on the wall and hurts himself. He says sorry, I had to praise Genie to make myself fall in your sight, I don’t want you to fall in love with me. Genie comes and asks what are you doing. He says nothing, I didn’t practice punches since many days. She asks are you okay. He says yes, lets go. They go. Amrit says Yuvaan praised Genie so much. She sits crying. Bela asks her to tell Yuvaan that she loves her.


says I had tried to tell him about my feelings, he fell asleep, and Genie is trapping him. Bela says she is a liar, I have seen her eating food, your love is true, we will expose Genie. Gungun says I don’t like Genie, we have to help Amrit in making Yuvaan break her fast. Ullu says how, we don’t know anything. Gungun says I know about it, I have seen mum keeping fast for dad. Bela asks Amrit to go and expose Genie. Amrit says maybe this won’t work.

Bela says it will work, just go. Amrit takes the food plate. Genie acts good in front of Yuvaan. She sees the tasty food. Amrit thinks Bela’s plan is working. Genie says we will go, Amrit is going sketching, she will get disturbed by our talk. Amrit smiles. She gets the paneer tikka dish. Genie likes it. Amrit asks Yuvaan to try the paneer tikka. Yuvaan says yes, I will have it. Genie rushes and makes the plate fall. She says sorry, I have to go washroom. She goes. Yuvaan asks why are you smiling. They go. Genie sees the paneer tikka fallen on the ground. She says Amrit left the plate on ground, I will have one. She eats the paneer. Yuvaan and Amrit come back. Yuvaan says you broke the fast. Genie says Amrit made me break fast, she tempted me to eat food. She leaves.

Yuvaan says you didn’t do right, you didn’t let her keep fast, you want me to die. Amrit stops him. He goes. She asks him to listen, why can’t he see Genie’s lie. She says you know I also kept a fast. He says don’t waste time on fast, don’t disturb me, I have to do preparations for court case. He goes. She gets sad. Bela gets puja plate for Amrit. Amrit says no use, Yuvaan is angry. Yuvaan comes there. Bela asks Amrit to do aarti, he is standing here.

Amrit asks where is Channi. Kids hold a badminton net for Amrit. Bela smiles. Gungun says we are in your team, we will help you. Amrit asks do you know everything. Bela asks her to do puja fast. Amrit sees the moon and then Yuvaan. She does the puja. Tu mila to….plays….. Amrit prays for Yuvaan’s long life, happiness and prosperity. They hide everything when Yuvaan comes. Gungun says we are fixing net for badminton. Yuvaan asks who plays badminton at night. He goes. Gungun says we have to make Yuvaan break Amrit’s fast. Bela gets an idea. She asks Amrit to act like fainting. Amrit asks why. Bela explains. Amrit asks shall I do drama for this. Bela asks her to just hurry up.

Amrit acts fainting. Bela shouts…. what happened to you. She calls Yuvaan for help. Kids also do the drama and shout to Yuvaan. Yuvaan asks what happened to Amrit. Bela says don’t know, she fainted, I have sent kids to get medicines. Ullu gets medicines and drops it. Yuvaan asks her to get water. Yuvaan feeds water to Amrit. Everyone smiles. Kids and Bela dance. Bela says maybe sugar level got down, feed her sweets. Yuvaan feeds laddoo to Amrit. Dhoni says yay, we broke Amrit’s fast. Gungun says he meant Yuvaan saved Amrit. Ullu says Yuvaan is sensible. Bela prays that they all stay happy together always. Harman comes there and hears them laughing. Yuvaan also dances with kids. Amrit laughs. Harman says they are laughing, but they will just cry from now on.

Yuvaan checks a gift. Harman says I caught you. He asks the kids to know who killed their parents. He shows Yuvaan’s pics. The kids get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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