Papa By Chance 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Amrit keeps Karwachauth fast for Yuvaan

Papa By Chance 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashvi coming to meet Yuvaan. He thanks her. He asks why are you tensed. She says your court case is preponed, your case decision will be taken soon, its weird, its a bad news. He says Harman would have done this. Kashvi says just kids can help us. He says kids will say what they feel right, where did kids go. Kids come to him and say we have gone to prepare. They give a drawing book which has their story. They get emotional and tell them that they thought Yuvaan is a devil, they couldn’t stand him, they felt he is a bad boy type and selfish, but they got to know he isn’t bad. Everyone cries.

Gungun says Yuvaan helped me a lot, I felt we aren’t alone. Ullu says when you got beaten up for us, I was sure that you are really an angel. Yuvaan sees the drawings and cries. Gungun shows their family pic. Gungun says when judge asks us, we will tell her that Lord gave us an angel instead our parents. Aashiyana….plays…. Yuvaan hugs the kids. They cry. Kids run after him. Everyone smiles. Yuvaan thinks of Amrit. She comes to him and asks for a reply. He says I didn’t hear you, you would have thanked me for saving your life, you are welcome. She thinks he didn’t listen my confession. Ullu applies ointment to Yuvaan’s back. Amrit sends Ullu.

She applies ointment to Yuvaan. He asks when did you come. Amrit says its my mistake, I knew it that Suchi went abroad, if I told you, this would have not happened. He asks her to stop crying. He says I also lied once, scores got even, apply ointment now. She says I had to tell something else, I told you in office also, you are my only friend, I used to fight with you, you saved me from troubles, I realized that you are dear to me, I love you a lot. She hears his snoring. She looks at him and smiles. She says I got courage to say my feelings, and he is sleeping well. She goes.

He opens eyes and says sorry I can’t let you fall in love with me, you are a sorted girl, and I m a complicated guy, we have no match, you should get the best guy, you are my childhood friend, how can I see bad happening with you, I want you to stay happy always. Its morning, Bela asks Amrit to get up. Amrit comes and asks is it Karwachauth today. Bela says yes. Amrit says dad left and even then you don’t forget this day, why. Bela says I always wish he stays happy, I wish that he is with me for seven births, true love is found once. Amrit asks really. Bela says you also do puja and see, you will get your life partner. Amrit refuses. Bela goes.

Amrit prays to get Yuvaan’s love. Bela looks on and says I knew this, I saw love for Yuvaan in your eyes, I m your mum, I will tell Yuvaan about your fast. Kids practice to defend Yuvaan in case. Amrit asks them to say good things in front of judge. Bela asks Amrit to have her fav kachoris. Amrit says no, I had food. Yuvaan looks on. He says I know why she isn’t eating, she would have indigestion. They laugh. Amrit says stop laughing, I m on diet, my stomach isn’t upset. Bela thinks they both are foolish. She asks Amrit did she keep Karwachauth fast. She jokes that Rohan has run away. Yuvaan thinks did Amrit keep fast for me. Bela asks Amrit to say why did she keep fast. Amrit sees Yuvaan. Genie comes home. Yuvaan smiles seeing her. Genie says I kept a fast for Yuvaan. Amrit gets angry and scolds her. Yuvaan stops Amrit. Genie says I can’t help Yuvaan, Harman is powerful, I thought to keep fast for him and pray for him.

Yuvaan hits the wall. He says sorry to break Amrit’s heart. Amrit gets upset. Bela says your fast will be fulfilled. Harman comes there and says they all are laughing, but very soon they will be crying with sorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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