Papa By Chance 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan gets arrested

Papa By Chance 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan saving Amrit’s life. He says we shall take her to hospital. Bela thanks him. Inspector says you should come to police station, you are under arrest. Yuvaan asks but why. Harman says inspector, he has burnt my showroom, you didn’t think of innocent lives. Yuvaan says this man is a liar and fraud. Harman asks why did he enter company in disguise. Yuvaan beats up Harman. Bela asks Yuvaan to stop. Yuvaan gets arrested.

Inspector asks Harman to file Fir. Bela says Harman is lying. Kids say Yuvaan saved us from fire, leave him. Inspector asks them not to interfere in work. Yuvaan asks kids to be with Amrit. Kids cry for him. Inspector beats up Yuvaan and scolds. Yuvaan says you are not understanding, Harman is behind this. Harman looks on. Inspector says Yuvaan

isn’t accepting his crime. Harman says he will accept it soon. Amrit gets conscious and asks where is Yuvaan. Bela says take rest, you got weak. Inspector says we will question him, go and file Fir. Harman says don’t leave him. Yuvaan says let me make a phone call, its my right. He gets more beaten up. Gungun says police arrested Yuvaan. Amrit asks why. Ullu says Harman complaint that Yuvaan ignited fire to office. Amrit gets worried and leaves. Amrit and kids come to police station and see Yuvaan getting beaten up. Amrit says there is no proof against Yuvaan, he is innocent, stop them. She thinks to take Genie’s help. She comes to cafe and meets Genie.

She says Harman got Yuvaan arrested, help me, get Yuvaan out, please. Genie asks why did you come to me. Amrit says I didn’t see my way, I can’t face Harman, please me. Genie insults her. Harman meets inspector and says Yuvaan can fall to any level to get property. Inspector disagrees and says he is becoming responsible to win case. He sees the kids begging for Yuvaan. He says kids are pleading to free Yuvaan, he isn’t too bad, he didn’t do Chatwals accident, else why would he adopt his children. Harman asks what did you say, they are Chatwals’ kids. Inspector says yes, see they is bonding with him. Harman thinks how could I be so foolish, Yuvaan played a big game. Amrit obeys Genie and cleans her shoes. Inspector says think, can anyone take responsibility of such naughty kids, I got to meet Mohini.

Harman asks are you talking of Mohini Kakkad. Inspector says yes, I arrested her thinking she is kids’ kidnapper, Yuvaan and kids stay in her house. Harman thinks it means Mohini fooled me, Yuvaan is living at her house. Amrit asks Genie to help Yuvaan now. Genie laughs and says you are foolish to think I can help you, Harman has contacts with ministers. Amrit says I m clean hearted unlike you, I will pray for him. She gets gungun’s call. Gungun says Yuvaan for released. Amrit smiles. Inspector says you did good thing. Harman says I had to take case back, if you said he has changed, I can’t see son in pain. He thinks I will punish Yuvaan now. Kids get Yuvaan home. Amrit comes home and sees him. He says they were beating me so that I accept the crime, but I didn’t do anything, I left my phone there which had evidence against Harman. Someone rings the door bell. Ullu says is that Harman. Yuvaan worries.

Bela asks Amrit to say her feelings to Yuvaan. Amrit confesses love to Yuvaan. He acts asleep and thinks sorry, we aren’t a good match, I can’t let you fall in love with me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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