Papa By Chance 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan and Amrit have a bet

Papa By Chance 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela saying thief has eaten the food. Amrit says I will check the CCTV footage and check the thief. Rohan thinks she can see Monu. Yuvaan gets happy. Gungun says she will know about us also. Yuvaan stops Amrit. Amrit sees the curry stain on Dhoni’s shirt. Dhoni asks Ullu to do something. Kids go to sleep. Bela asks Amrit to come. Rohan says I will stay here tonight. Amrit says no, you go, I will manage. Rohan leaves.

Yuvaan laughs on Rohan. She scolds him for stealing food. She says I will call Harman and tell him that you are at my house. He asks her not to do anything mad. He snatches her phone and says Harman will make my life hell. Her phone falls and breaks. Amrit shouts to Bela. Yuvaan says I have a big secret to tell you about Rohan, but you won’t say

anything to Harman. Amrit asks what’s the matter. Dhoni says Rohan is cheater. Amrit asks what. Gungun says that uncle called him cheater. Ullu says Rohan told Monu that he doesn’t love you, he is marrying you to please his parents. Yuvaan asks why did you say this. Amrit says you mean Rohan doesn’t love me. She laughs and says I don’t know what did Yuvaan teach you, no one will believe this nonsense. He says I know who will believe me.

Harman clarifies to Suchi. She asks him not to lie, did Mohini like her necklace. She says I have seen Mohini there. She scolds him for lie and goes. Bela asks Amrit not to worry, she will find a nice guy for her. Yuvaan asks do you think I lied. Bela says I m listening as its about Amrit’s life. Amrit asks her to come with her. Yuvaan tells everything about Rohan and Monu. Amrit gets shocked.

Yuvaan says Rohan told I love you to Monu. Amrit says don’t say nonsense, I know Rohan, he is interested in me. Yuvaan says Monu slapped Rohan and broke up with him. She says you are lying. He says now I will prove this that Rohan isn’t interested in girls, Harman shouldn’t know I m here, pay the home rent. She says Rohan loves me. He asks did Rohan kiss you. She says no, he is decent man. He says you should check background of person who looks too decent. She takes his phone and asks him to take phone when he gets proof. He says I will prove it. Yuvaan feels sleepy. He takes Dhoni with him. He puts Dhoni to sleep. Amrit thinks of Yuvaan’s words. She says Rohan won’t cheat me like this. She calls Rohan and says my phone broke, I m calling you from Yuvaan’s phone. She asks him to give good night kiss. Rohan asks how did you think of this, we shall see later. She kisses him. Yuvaan hears her and laughs. Rohan sees Monu’s pic and gives kiss.

Amrit says I will get good kiss now. Yuvaan says this won’t prove anything. She says Rohan is just mine, you will lose, go to your room and pack bags. Harman comes to Suchi. He says Mohini blackmailed me about you, she is a mad woman, see what she has done. He shows teeth marks on his hand and says Mohini has bitten me when I warned her to stay away from you. She gets shocked. She comes in his words. Its morning, Rohan gets flowers for Amrit. Yuvaan compliments their pairing. He tries to prove Rohan’s likes for guys. Amrit asks Rohan to go with Yuvaan if he wants. Rohan leaves. Yuvaan asks for his phone. Amrit says Rohan just loves me. Yuvaan says time will show that. She says we will see. He says then you can see.

Amrit and Yuvaan argue. She says your party plan will flop. Harman comes to Mohini’s house. Yuvaan goes to open the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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