Papa By Chance 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aashvi fights Yuvaan’s case

Papa By Chance 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking lawyer not to help Yuvaan. Yuvaan’s mum comes and asks him to arrange bail. He does drama in front of her and says I love Yuvaan, he is my son. Yuvaan thinks of his mum’s words and also the couple’s accident. His mum says media shouldn’t know this, we have to bail Yuvaan in the morning. Harman stops her and asks her to have tea. She cries and sleeps. Harman says Yuvaan won’t get bail, you won’t wake up before afternoon. He asks media to make Yuvaan’s news bulletin that he has killed innocent people.

Its morning, Yuvaan thinks of his mum and sees the clock. Inspector laughs on him and takes him for bail. His news spreads. The girl reads the news and recalls him. She leaves. The people at the court get angry on Yuvaan. Yuvaan is taken to the court. Harman and his lawyer get happy seeing this. Harman says Yuvaan has a murder blame on himself, he won’t get anything, his face got blackened. The girl meets Yuvaan. He recalls her. He says they think I have done the accident, you know I wasn’t drunk, the brakes failed and I couldn’t help. She says your try was good, this time none can help you. He says why did you come then. She says you have killed two innocent people. He asks who are you, what’s your enmity with me.

She says you would have known me, congrats for life imprisonment. Jo mai jaanta….plays…. She leaves. Yuvaan asks his lawyer to get him free. The lawyer says all evidences are against you, I can’t help. Yuvaan scolds him for being a coward. Harman’s lawyer says Yuvaan claimed his dad’s property, seeing his record, he has proved he isn’t responsible, two people lost their lives, he was drunken driving, he shouldn’t get the property. Yuvaan says the car brakes failed, I shouted to those people but they came towards the car, its Harman’s plan to frame me. Judge asks Harman to come in the witness box. Harman says I have come to give statement in Yuvaan’s defense. Yuvaan’s mum wakes up and sees time. She says I promised him I will come to meet him.

She calls inspector and gets shocked. Harman gives statement against Yuvaan. He says just Yuvaan’s mum can manage the property, I request you not to give any property to him. He does drama again. Yuvaan claps for him. Judge asks why is there no lawyer to defend you. Aashvi comes there. She says sorry, I got late, I m Yuvaan’s lawyer. Yuvaan’s mum is on the way. Aashvi tries to present her point that the car brakes were failed, medical reports show that Yuvaan wasn’t drunk, we have no proof against him. Judge says there are two cased mix up. Aashvi says Yuvaan isn’t irresponsible. Harman gets informed that Yuvaan’s mum is coming to court. He gets tensed.

Judge says Yuvaan has to prove that he is a responsible citizen. Yuvaan and Aashvi meet the couple’s children.

Update Credit to: Amena

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