Papa By Chance 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan loses match for kids’ sake

Papa By Chance 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan fighting with Chotu Singh. Bela says I can’t see Yuvaan’s state. Yuvaan gets beaten up. Harman asks Mohini to see the gifts. He says we will spend our time like before, we will roam around, come, I will show you the Dangal. Mohini sees Yuvaan in Dangal and thinks my plan will fail if Harman sees Dangal. She takes Harman with her. They go to have chaat. The first round of Dangal ends. Yuvan gets a break. Amrit asks Yuvaan to leave the competition and come. Yuvaan says you will make fun of me, you asked me to go Bangkok by my money, I will play next round. Amrit stops him and does aid. She applies oil to his body.

Ranjha ve….plays…. He asks do you care for me. She says kids need you. He asks and you. Dhoni says you should beat that uncle. Yuvaan asks what are you doing here, you had extra classes in school. The round 2 begins. Yuvaan fights well. Chotu Singh doesn’t catch Yuvaan because of the oil. Yuvaan jokes on Chotu Singh and pushes him down. Harman asks Mohini where is Yuvaan. She refuses to say. Principal catches the kids. Mohini sees them and thinks they also want to know who is Chiku, I did mistake by getting Harman here. She says I will tell you info, but take me away. Harman agrees. Principal ties the kids’ hands and say I will take you to Yuvaan. They see Yuvaan fighting Dangal.

Principal says a man can’t take kids’ responsibility, he doesn’t know that the kids aren’t at school. Ullu opens the ropes. The kids run. Principal asks where did kids go. Gungun and Ullu see Dhoni. They go to find Mohini. Everyone cheers for Yuvaan. Yuvaan knocks down Chotu Singh. He wins the wrestling match. Yuvaan sees Dhoni and asks why did your uniform get so spoilt, now I have to go home and wash clothes. He hears Chotu Singh getting second prize, fully automatic washing machine. He thinks to lose the match. He says this match is for you three, I will win. Mohini says I want share from the property, I will give you Yuvaan’s info when you divorce Suchi. Ullu sees Mohini and goes to see the man with her. Guards stop the kids. Harman argues with Mohini.

The kids hear about Dussehra and are sure that Harman can’t get saved. Yuvaan goes and intentionally gets beaten up. Amrit says maybe he is losing intentionally. Bela asks Yuvaan to get up and fight. Yuvaan falls down and loses the match. After the decision, Yuvaan gets happy and says I lost, now I got washing machine for kids. Amrit and Bela see washing machine. Bela says Yuvaan has really changed, Yuvaan would have not lost for kids’ sake by leaving Bangkok ticket. Amrit asks are you fine. Yuvaan says sorry, I lost. She says no, you have won, you are hero. He smiles. She hugs him.

Ullu and Gungun see Harman. Ullu says Harman is Chiku. Principal says I m expelling your kids from my school, they have bunked special classes. Yuvaan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I just love this serial,it is so entertaining, there are no too serious scene aur main Yuvaan aur Amrit ki jodi ki deewane ban gayi.
    Thank you for the update,I really appreciate it.

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