Papa By Chance 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan punishes the kids

Papa By Chance 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gungun and Ullu asking more things to Yuvaan. Yuvaan says I did everything. They think he is under effect of medicine. Dhoni comes to them and feels hungry. Bela feeds Amrit and asks her not to get after Yuvaan. Ullu says I will go and get food for Dhoni. He hides and goes. Amrit says Yuvaan should give rent. Amrit jokes again. Bela feeds burnt paratha to Rohan. Amrit says this roof will fall down if we don’t get rent. Bela says Yuvaan is your boss. Amrit says no, my boss is Harman. Bela says he is a servant. Mohini says he was servant, he has become boss now.

Bela falls down. Amrit holds her. Ullu takes parathas. Rohan asks where did paratha go. Bela says its the rats eating parathas. Amrit, Bela and Mohini try to find and kill rats. Ullu hides. Yuvaan wakes

up. Gungun and Dhoni ask him to save Ullu, who is hiding downstairs. Yuvaan comes there to stop Amrit. He says I will see the rat, leave the broom, I m the house owner. They argue. They fall on the couch. Jab hum jawaan honge….plays on radio. Bela and Mohini smile seeing them. Rohan gets angry.

Yuvaan scares them of snake and makes them away. Ullu runs. Yuvaan says I will see this rat today. Amrit comes to office and asks about staff. The man says Harman is keeping press conference, store name is changing. Amrit goes for the meeting. Bela cleans the place. Yuvaan comes to kids and plays music. The ask him to lessen voice. Ullu argues. Yuvaan ties him up to chair. Gungun asks him to stop it. Dhoni falls far. Gungun says leave him, what did he do. He says I told you not to go out, you don’t understand, if anyone sees you, you know the problem, wander on roads then, you will get punishment now. Dhoni says I was hungry, I have sent him. Yuvaan says no one will be forgiven today. He locks Dhoni in cupboard. Gungun says free him, its not his mistake. She threatens to shout. Yuvaan says shout, be my guest.

He asks them to shut up. He asks Gungun to stand at some corner and not move. He thinks its imp to punish them, they will learn manners. He gets Aashvi’s call. He gets shocked. He says stay there, I will just come. Dhoni knocks on door. Yuvaan sees news of Harman becoming owner of Chopra’s company. Harman gives the interview and launches the new company Suman. Suchi inaugurates the new company. Everyone claps. Yuvaan gets shocked.

Dhoni faints in cupboard. Gungun and Ullu try to take him to hospital. Yuvaan goes to argue with Harman. Harman gets him caught.

Update Credit to: Amena

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