Papa By Chance 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan admits the truth

Papa By Chance 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela asking Yuvaan to tell Suchi about him. He says I do worry for her. She asks is remarriage a crime, everyone feels lonely. He says I have problem with Harman, not her marriage, people think I filed case for property, my mom and dad are more imp to me, dad is no more, I won’t let Harman ruin mom’s life. Suchi gets sad and says I can feel Yuvaan’s problems, I feel guilty. She sees the doll. Yuvaan says I have filed the case, when I get the money, Harman will leave mom, she will learn the mom, I will kill him. Yuvaan says don’t talk about him, go and have bath, I will keep food in your room. He asks what’s the need. She says I don’t feel bad. He says why will you work, I feel bad. He asks her to call by intercom. She asks what does it mean. He explains. She

laughs and shows local intercom.

Bela and Mohini taunt each other and argue. Yuvaan smiles. He comes to room and sees kids. He looks for towel. Gungun says I have played cartoon on net, watch it. Ullu gives towel. Gungun says I got matching dress for you. Yuvaan gets surprised by their sweetness and asks what’s your plan. Gungun says sorry for wasting toothpaste. She hugs him. They praise Yuvaan. Yuvaan gets happy. They ask him some questions. Yuvaan answers. They ask who killed our parents, who was driving that car. He gets shocked. He says so this is the reason, I won’t answer, you were fooling me. They insist. He refuses and goes. Ullu says he won’t say this way. Yuvaan cries. He goes for a bath. He goes to ask Bela about hot water knob. Bela gets tea for Amrit. Yuvaan asks her about knob. Bela asks him to check. She asks Amrit to go and help Yuvaan. Amrit refuses. Bela insists and sends her. Amrit comes to help Yuvaan. She shows him using heater to heat water. He gets a current shock. She laughs and beats with a wooden platform. He calls her mad.

He asks can’t you tell me. She jokes and asks him not to call her for any work. Gungun asks Dhoni to go out and see Yuvaan. Dhoni sees Yuvaan. Yuvaan says I will get medicines for backache from Bela. Dhoni says maybe Yuvaan has backache. Ullu smiles and says we should help him. Dhoni agrees to help. Yuvaan comes. He tries to get help for backache. Dhoni gets on his back and misses his dad. Yuvaan says its looking good. Ullu jumps on Yuvaan and pulls his hair. Gungun closes lights. She hypnotizes Yuvaan. Yuvaan asks what are you doing. He feels sleepy. Gungun says now he is in our control. He wakes up and gets angry on Ullu. He gets hurt and falls down. They worry and ask are you fine. Yuvaan says I m feeling sleepy, Bantu…. They hear him and think to ask him. They send Dhoni. They ask Yuvaan who was driving that car. Yuvaan says it was me. They get shocked.

The kids try to hurt Yuvaan. Yuvaan locks up Dhoni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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