Papa By Chance 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kids search for Chiku

Papa By Chance 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit stopping Yuvaan from going abroad on someone’s expenses. She says kids will also learn this if you enjoy on others’ money, you have to keep self esteem. He agrees. Bela says why did you stop him. Amrit says if he goes, the friends will also ask him for favors, he will feel bad and get hurt, I don’t want this. Bela says you worry for him, when someone’s pain flows as tears from our eyes, think its love. Amrit recalls Yuvaan and goes. Harman says how did Yuvaan refuse. He scolds Rohit and takes money back. He thinks to call Mohini. He calls Mohini. Yuvaan answers. She takes her phone and talks to Harman. Harman asks who answered the call, voice looked like Yuvaan. She says yes, he is Yuvaan, don’t think I will give his address.

Yuvaan coughs and asks

Ullu to get water for him. Harman says give me his address, don’t be annoyed. He says I will gift you a costly phone. She agrees to meet. Ullu hears her and thinks Chiku will come tomorrow. Harman laughs and says I will find Yuvaan tomorrow. Dhoni plays the lines of Ram leela. Ullu says I found the Raavan, I heard Mohini talking to Chiku, he is coming to meet her, we won’t leave him. Gungun says we should tell Yuvaan, he is nice, he will help us. Ullu says no, we should get evidence and go to him.

She says there are extra classes for new admission kids. Its morning, they get ready for school. Yuvaan wakes up and sees them. He asks what are you doing on a holiday. Ullu says there are extra classes. Gungun says its necessary to go. Ullu says we have to impress principal. They go and tell Dhoni about meeting Chiku. They decide to come home together.

Amrit ties the toran. Bela taunts Mohini. She says don’t know when will her marriage happen. Amrit says some man named Chiku sends costly gifts to Mohini. Bela says we will talk about her marriage. The kids plan to run from the sports room. Ullu gets an idea. Bela gets tea for Mohini. She asks Mohini about chiku. Mohini says I don’t have any interest in marriage. Bela asks who is Chiku, tell me. Mohini says the tea is so bad. She goes to get sugar. Bela says she didn’t tell us, we will use this churan to bring the truth out. She adds churan in tea. Amrit asks does this work. Bela says yes. Ullu makes some powder blow in front of the fan. Mohini comes back and drinks tea. She jokes on Bela. She says I have stolen your 20 lipsticks. Bela gets angry.

Amrit asks her to calm down. She asks who is Chiku. Mohini says I won’t say, are you happy feeding me Churan, I have seen everything, move away now. Bela says return my lipsticks. Principal asks what, how dare they bunk extra class. He says I will see them now, I will make kids out of school. Bela comes to Yuvaan and gives him prasad. He says I wanted to sleep well, kids went for extra classes. Bela says parents get less sleep because of children. Amrit asks him to go and find a job. She asks him to check his list. He jokes on her. She says I really need a vacation. Bela asks him to go Vaishno devi. He says I really want to go Bangkok. Amrit says leave it, don’t explain him. Yuvaan says ignore her, pray for me. They hear about special Dandal. They hear the rewards. Yuvaan gets happy and says see Lord has heard me. He hugs Bela. He says I will win this Dangal. He goes. Bela asks don’t you like it. Amrit says I don’t care, he will go when he wins the Dangal, he didn’t see the wrestlers yet.

Yuvaan says you think I can’t win Dangal. Amrit asks him to take name back. Yuvaan gets shocked seeing wrestler.

Update Credit to: Amena

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