Papa By Chance 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan gets cheated by Genie

Papa By Chance 10th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman fooling Genie so that she doesn’t marry Yuvaan. He says I have done big frauds in the company and got half property to my name, this company is sinking in losses. She doesn’t believe him. He says I knew it, you won’t believe me so I got company balance sheet with me. She gets shocked. She asks why don’t you want me to marry Yuvaan. He says I want to see him losing, I want court to take kids’ custody away, be thankful that I m giving you 10 crores, else you would have to beg on road with Yuvaan. He leaves the decision on her.

Amrit dances on dhol beats. Bela shows her bridal dress. Amrit gets emotional. She says its the lahenga which I had designed. Bela says you said you will wear this on your wedding. Amrit says I have lost Yuvaan, you also forget it now. Bela asks him to express her feelings to Yuvaan. She says you are Yuvaan’s childhood love. Amrit asks her to stop having hopes from fate. She goes to give sehra to Yuvaan. Bela prays that Yuvaan and Amrit get married, Amrit gets her love. Yuvaan misses Suchi. Amrit cheers him up. He asks am I doing right. She says yes, don’t worry. She tells him that he will be soon a married man now. He makes her wear the earrings. Gungun comes and says pandit has come. Amrit says good, groom is ready too. Harman asks judge to send kid to a good family.

Judge says its court, not any enquiry office, we want kids to be raised in good family, Yuvaan promised that he will marry today and legally adopt the kids. He says Yuvaan doesn’t know keeping relations, I m his step father, he broke relations with his mum too. Judge says Yuvaan has messaged me, he wants to show me live video of his marriage. Yuvaan talks to judge and asks her to see the marriage. Judge says I think he loves kids a lot, he can do anything for them. Harman says I think this marriage can stop anytime. Yuvaan asks Gungun to give her phone. He calls Genie. Genie doesn’t come. Pandit says its too late, I can’t stay back now. Amrit asks him to wait for some time. He leaves. Harman and judge look on. Yuvaan checks for Genie. He says Genie isn’t at her home. Harman laughs and says Genie has left the city. He recalls convincing Genie.

Harman blackmails Yuvaan for the kids. Amrit says you will keep the kids and property too, I will marry you Yuvaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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