Pankhudi to fall in trouble again; Adi and Ayesha to save her in PKDH

Pankhudi will be losing her memory and face many troubles in upcoming episodes. But with Adi, Avantika and Ayesha to promote her, Pakhudi is in safe hands now. The mystery of her coma and people behind it is still unclear, know more about the story and spoiler in this link given below.

Read full spoiler here’

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  1. Ayeshas selfless carifices and truthfulness being rewarded by Avanthika and the entire Devan family accepting Ayesha and welcoming her as the new daughter in law of the Devan family was an example of righteousness winning the day.

    It was all lost by bring in Pankuri once again to turn victory of truth into a loss to Ayesha is a VERY BAD example of showing that truthfulness and sacrifices have no meaning in life.

    All rightest thinking people will want to see how Ayesha being rewarded as a replica of Truthfulness and Selfless Sacrifice and not the other way about.

    Pankuri chapter should be closed as Ayesha is not only alike of Pankuri but Ayesha is Pankui Plus .

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