Pandya Store 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Prafulla insults Dhara

Pandya Store 9th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam asking Dhara why is she hurrying in getting ready. Dhara says I m competing with the kids to get ready first. Gautam says you can’t set the saree in a hurry. He helps her. Dev comes and says I m ready. Dhara gets aside. Dev asks why are you sitting down. Gautam says I was tying shoe lace. Dev says but you are wearing mojari. Gautam says yes, but I was tying the lace, I mean the rat had bitten it, so I was looking for the rat. Dhara and Dev smile. Dev asks why, to take revenge on the rat. Gautam says yes. Dev says fine, there are many rats in the house. Dhara says yes. Dev says car has come, we are getting late. Dhara says kids have grown up, they understand everything, make excuses well. Gautam says I will stop making excuses. She kisses him. They smile.

Prafulla scolds Raavi. Raavi says you elders keep the enmity, we kids will keep love. She asks Anita to tell Prafulla to get her married to Dev. Prafulla asks her to stop it. She locks Raavi in the room. Raavi asks her to listen. Dhara says Dev’s phone is ringing. Dev comes and takes the phone. Gautam applies bindi to Dhara. She makes him wear the jacket. He hugs her. Dev asks will you take revenge on rats right now, leave it. They smile. Raavi says Prafulla locked me here, if Dev likes someone else then… She sees the window and jumps down. She thanks Somnath and says my hair didn’t spoil, looks shouldn’t spoil. Dhara calls Shiva.

He leaves from the shop. Raavi comes there. He stops the bike. She falls down. He falls down the bike. The chillies fall over them. He scolds her. She asks him to help. He says don’t order me. They argue. She thinks just he can give me lift, I have to convince him. She sits on the bike and says please take me to Kanta’s function, Dev is waiting for me, please. He says get down the bike. She cries and complains to Kaka. She acts to have foot sprain. Shiva says drama queen. Raavi says I can’t walk. The people ask Shiva to drop her. She says he is my relative. Shiva says don’t do overacting. He takes her.

Prafulla and Anita talk to Kanta at the function. The ladies taunt Anita for still being unmarried. Prafulla says Dhara married Gautam and got the shop, but didn’t give him a child. Gautam and family comes. Kanta says Hardik is still a bachelor, why don’t you get Anita married to Hardik, Dhara has a big heart. Prafulla asks her to keep Dhara’s idol in her temple and chant her name. Kanta says that won’t be needed, her Devars worship her as Devi. Raavi and Shiva are on the way. He says stay away. She says drive well, girl is sitting behind. She gets a stinking smell from him. She sprays perfume over him. He asks what are you doing. She says bad smell is coming from your clothes. They argue.

He asks her not to dream about marrying Dev, he won’t let her marry Dev. He drops her on the way and goes. Gautam, Dhara, and his brothers dance on Tukur tukur…. Shiva comes and joins them. Raavi comes and sees Dev. She smiles and dances with him. Prafulla asks how did she come here, I had locked her in the room. Shiva gets a call from Kaka. He says Kaka needs me at the shop, I will go. Dhara asks him to have food and go. She feeds the food to Shiva. Prafulla looks on and says great, Dhara has handled the house well. Shiva goes. Krish hears Prafulla. Prafulla says when the guys get married, we will see if the house is handled or not. Krish says take a chill pill, nothing will spoil in our house. Kanta does her bahu’s godh bharai function. Kanta asks Dhara to come. Prafulla sees Dhara doing the rituals. She starts insulting Dhara. Dhara and her family get shocked.

Gautam says you don’t need to take stress about Dhara and my kids. Dev says we are Dhara’s kids. They all help Dhara complete the rituals. Dhara smiles.

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