Pandya Store 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita behaves bad

Pandya Store 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara hugging Raavi. Raavi thinks I will never forgive you for this. Gautam hugs Shiva. Krish also hugs Shiva and asks them to be happy. Raavi hugs Prafulla. Rishita asks why is she doing this drama when she got married to someone else, how did she think she will marry you, do you like her. She laughs. Jagat asks Raavi to have faith, its for her betterment. He blesses Shiva and Raavi. Kanta asks them to have sweets, the marriages happened, be it any situation. Dhara takes the couples with her. Prafulla cries and says Raavi’s life is ruined. Jagat says what I did is right. He says Raavi married a mad guy Shiva, its a big loss for us. He scolds her for ruining Anita’s life. She argues. She says I will get Anita married to someone. The couples sit for having sweets. Rishita is happy. Prafulla sees Anita.

Hardik helps Prafulla. She gets an idea. Rishita asks Dev to have sweets. Krish jokes that someone feeds sweets to Shiva also. Prafulla acts and says I will call someone to help. She calls Anita. She asks her to pick the gifts. Prafulla gets an idea. She throws the partition on Anita. Anita gets hurt. Prafulla asks Hardik to see her wound, take her home. Anita says I will go myself. Prafulla says take her home, I will handle all this. Hardik takes Anita. Rishita poses happily for the pic Krish asks Dev to control Rishita, else Shiva will break the camera. Shiva gets angry on the photographer. Dhara apologizes. Rishita says click our pic, its not a forced marriage for us, its a love marriage, pics should be good. Dev stops her. Raavi cries more. Shiva looks at her. Rishita says don’t make faces, pics will get bad, have the sweets, please. Raavi sadly leaves. Shiva and Dhara also leave.

Rishita asks are you not happy. Dev says no, my family is undergoing emotional trauma, you want to celebrate. She says I left my family to marry you, I m happy for myself, everyone was against our marriage, even then we got married, our love won. He says we will get any day to celebrate. She says it won’t be a marriage day, we can have memories, its my right to be happy. Raavi sits in the car. Dhara gets sad. Shiva asks Dhara to sit with Raavi. Dhara says I have to go home early to make arrangements, you sit with Raavi, I will come in other car. Rishita takes Dev weds Raavi banner from Dhara’s hand. She shows it to Raavi and tears it. Everyone looks on. Raavi gets sad. Gautam picks the banner. Shiva sits in the car. Gautam says Raavi’s status won’t get less in the family, you are our bahu now, you both have same status and have to stay together under one roof. Prafulla gets angry on Rishita.

Dhara welcomes the couples with aarti. Rishita stops Dhara and says you aren’t our Saas to do our aarti. Suman and everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I knew it she was going to behave like that cause of her selfishness and I know she is going to tease raavi by getting close to dev and also disrespect Dhara

    1. She is the one who gona break the family

  2. I just hate Rishita !!! I don’t know how did Dev like her ?

  3. I love Ravi

  4. Tulip you are so right. How did Dev love the product of a snake. Her father is a ruthless man, so what do we expect of the daughter. It’s either she break the family or fall out of Dev’s love. Bcs she will try to disrespect Dhara and humiliate Raavi, which the brothers will not take from her. Dev might come to be at a crossroad whom to support. And our Shiva who will soon love his wife so so much will not allow anyone to make her sad. All fingers crossed. Waiting to see how things unfold

    1. True @Funmilayo

  5. Yah shiva will love his wife, n zis rishita huh she is so arrogant..Same show pandiyan Stores in star vijay

  6. Rishita is revealing the sup true face, worthy daughter of her father, a capricious and domineering little girl, who believes she is right only because she gets what she wants. Dev was showing a weakness, because another in seeing her behave so selfishly and badly towards the family of the maroto would have given her two good slaps and would have silenced her!

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