Pandya Store 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara falls unconscious

Pandya Store 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara getting a big surprise from the family. Jeevan ka ye pahiya….plays… She smiles when everyone wish her happy birthday. Suman comes and shows a balloon. Gautam comes there. Dhara cries happily. He gets on his knees and shows a ring. He holds her hand and makes her wear the ring.

Everyone claps. Gautam says these ten years spent like a moment, promise me we will spend every moment like this. She says I want your support for seven births. He says promise. They have a dance. He says sorry, I spoiled your mood, what could I do, these three monkeys love you a lot, they asked me to do so, I also wanted to see you happy. She says I have no complains, if you can stitch the button well, why did you make me stitch it. Dev says let us also celebrate, we also got Bhabhi on this day. He dances with Dhara. Shiva and Krish also dance with her. The light flickers. Everyone dances. Suman smiles seeing everyone happy. Dhara and Gautam cut the cake. They feed to everyone.

Suman says I can’t even identify my kitchen. Dhara says I will do. Shiva and everyone say we will do the work, Dhara can take rest. Gautam asks Dhara to come. Dhara asks him to go, she will come. She stands under the chandelier. She smiles seeing her Devars working. She recalls their childhood and cries happily. The chandelier falls over her. Dhara gets electrocuted. They turn to see and get shocked. Gautam comes and gets shocked. They try to remove the chandelier and wires. They take unconscious Dhara to the sofa and make her lie. Gautam asks Dhara to get up. Suman comes and asks what happened. She gets shocked seeing Dhara.

Gautam says get up, else I will die. He cries holding her. His tear falls on her face. She opens her eyes. Everyone gets relieved. Shiva says you scared us. Dev says we can’t live without you. Gautam hugs her. She says even Lord can’t make me away from you all. They all hug. They care for Dhara. Suman says you all pamper her a lot. Gautam says everyone is caring for Dhara, I will care for mum. Kanta comes and congratulates them for the marriage anniversary. She invites them in her bahu’s godh bharai. She asks Dhara to surely come.

Suman says Dhara won’t go there. Gautam says don’t stop Dhara, she is our respect and this house’s Laxmi, she got an invitation. Suman says you know the meaning of going there, Dhara doesn’t have any child, you doesn’t listen to me. Gautam says we should be afraid when we did anything wrong, Dev and I will drop you to your mandli, Anandi will take care of you. Suman says I m fine. Suman meets her sons before going. She asks Dhara to dance until she isn’t here. She says don’t run away, else I will find you from anywhere. She goes.

Its morning, Gautam asks Dhara why isn’t she ready to go in function. Dhara says Suman refused. Gautam says mum had blessed you, she has permitted you to go. She goes. She wakes up Shiva and others. She says get ready for the function. Dev gets Raavi’s call. Raavi is seen getting ready. She sees Dev’s pic and smiles. Prafulla sees the burnt saree and asks Anita why is she so upset. Anita says my marriage isn’t happening. Prafulla taunts her. Raavi asks Prafulla to apply the tika to Dev. Prafulla says Suman won’t let Dev marry you.

Shiva hits Raavi by his bike. They both fall down. She asks for help. He scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh no! I really don’t understand what’s the need to complicate and make things miserable so much ? Dev and Raavi are really good as a couple and we love their jodi. Why they need to bring Shiva in between ? And show that Dev doesn’t love Raavi ? I know what will happen now. Raavi’s in love with Dev. He will later reveal that he loves someone else and can’t marry her. Raavi and Shiva will be forcefully married etc etc and later they’ll fall in love. I don’t get it why all shows are glorifying forced marriages so much. Being a remake doesn’t mean it’s each and every story will be the same as the original one. Okay, the basic concept can be same that four united brothers have a lovely shop Pandya Store and they run it with their wives. Really, I wish the story goes on naturally that Dev and Raavi both are in love and after some issues they marry and share a wonderful romance. They’re childhood sweethearts, well. I loved their moments of childhood so much. But Shiva doesn’t fit in between. He’s too aggressive, unkind etc to her. Please, I hope you don’t ruin Dev and Raavi by bringing Shiva in between. You can get another love interest easily for Shiva. And Krish too!!!I love Dev-Raavi’s chemistry so much.They would be better than Gautam and Dhara .

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