Pandya Store 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva and Raavi’s hilarious hideout

Pandya Store 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishita showing her clothes to Raavi. She asks Raavi to keep whatever she likes. She asks Dhara to see the clothes, even she can keep whatever she likes. Raavi says yes, clothes are pretty. Dhara says it will be good, its sent by her mom. Rishita asks did you eat the sweets, I will get it. Raavi says oh no, Suman has the sweets. Dhara worries. Suman feeds the sweets to the dog. Krish asks what are you doing, these sweets came for Rishita. She says her dad is a Raavan, he did wrong with my children. Rishita comes and says its wrong. She cries. Rishita asks how can you do this, my mum had sent these sweets. Dhara and Raavi look on. Suman scolds Rishita. She says Krish went to drop your sister home, he got beaten up. Rishita says these sweets were for me, you should have let me decide about it. Suman says I didn’t dump it, I have fed it to the dogs, Rahu Ketu get fine if we feed dogs, I did this for my children, its all fine now. Rishita goes back.

Suman claps for Shiva and Rashmi’s engagement. They exchange the rings. Everyone gets upset. Raavi comes and shouts stop. She comes to Shiva and says he is just mine. Rashmi says he is mine. Raavi says leave him for me, he is just mine. They both pull Shiva. Dhara and Krish cheer for Raavi and ask her to take Shiva. Gautam says I knew it Raavi, you will have feeling for Shiva. Dev and Rishita say Raavi, we are with you, Shiva is just of Raavi. Shiva wakes up from the dream and says I m just of Raavi. He looks around. Dev sees Rishita sleeping. He thinks I trouble you a lot unknowingly, I will never do this again. He applies the ointment to her foot. She wakes up and sees him. She smiles and forwards the other foot. She thinks he is applying the cream with much love.

Shiva sees Raavi sleeping in the hall. She turns to the bed’s edge. Tujhko bana dun….plays…. He says I asked her to sleep in the room, she doesn’t answer. He finds her falling down. He holds her. He makes her lie well. She wakes up and sees him. He stops her from shouting. He says I will tell Suman about ten lakhs if you don’t get calm, then mum will taunt you all life. She get calm. He says good, go and sleep in the room. She bites his hand and says no. He says I will tell Suman about 20 lakhs, wait, I will see you, don’t think of shouting. He lifts her and takes her. Krish wakes up and sees this. He gets shocked seeing someone taking Raavi in the darkness. He shouts Bhabhi. Everyone comes. Gautam asks what happened. Krish says someone kidnapped Raavi, call the police, call Shiva. Rishita asks what are you saying, maybe you saw a dream. Krish says I have seen a dark shadow taking Raavi in arms, was it Janardhan, he took revenge. Rishita says not again, Krish. She pulls his ears. She says the door is shut, how will my dad take Raavi. He says you know your dad. Raavi says everyone came in the hall. Shiva says Krish is a fool. Raavi says its your mistake. He asks mine? She asks what will they think of me. He asks what will they think, its your room. She says yes, but I m with you. He asks what’s the big deal. She says everyone will talk wrong about me. He says I don’t understand. She says a young guy and a young girl, don’t know whether we have a relation a lot, if we are found here together in a room, what will they think. Shiva says I understood now.

Rishita asks where did you see him taking Raavi. Krish says that side. Everyone calls out Raavi. Rishita says that’s Shiva’s room, why will my dad take Raavi there. Gautam jokes on Krish. Krish says I m saying the truth, I have seen the dark shadow taking Raavi to Shiva’s room. Shiva asks Raavi to hide. They get under the bed. Everyone comes to check. They check the room. Dhara says Shiva isn’t here. Krish says even Shiva isn’t here, did he get kidnapped. Dev asks what shall I do now. He asks Rishita where are Shiva and Raavi. Rishita says Krish said he saw a dark shadow, not my dad, you always blame my dad. Dhara says its time to find them, not fight. Gautam says this window is locked from the inside, we will go to the kitchen and check. They all leave. Raavi sees the lizard. Shiva stops her from shouting. He makes the lizard go away. Dhara says where did Raavi go. Krish says I think we have to go back to Janardhan’s house. Dev says he is right. Rishita asks did you see my dad. Krish says yes, maybe, your dad’s heart is also black. Dev says he is right. Rishita sees Raavi’s dupatta and runs to the room. She finds Shiva and Raavi hiding under the bed.

Everyone does the rituals. Dhara asks Rishita to take the sindoor. She asks Raavi does she need an invitation, take the sindoor. Raavi sees Shiva.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Bakwass serial why is suman so heartless she cant do anything herself she orders people around never appreciates her daughter in law really not fit for a joint family

  2. She is a narcissist..paralyzed hone pe ye haal hai..socho paralyzed nai hoti to kya kya karti🙄🙄 nd now where the hell is dhara bhabhi ke acchai ka gyaan?? Only youngers should behave well?? Elders kuc v kar sakte hai??

  3. I actually feel the way Dev keeps on taunting Rishita for her father, Rishita als shud start doung the same, she shud also keep on taunting abt Suman’s behavior, she is also not any goddess, but a ridiculous woman too, he will get senses how it feels to keep n hearing the same thing for which u r not involoved, and how it feels when u know ur own people r wrong but u cant do anything abt it, instead of Dev saying to her tht I’ll always be there fr u, wht he does is shout over her, blame her pointlessly and when all his family members r content. he wud cm to her, loser.

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